Block Hulu Ads on Roku | Possible? How to Do It?


Hulu Ads are long and trifling. Capable of ruining the whole watching experience. Now, what if you can Block Hulu Ads on Roku? Yes, it is possible to limit ads and skip them on your iPhone and Android devices, then why not on Roku! This guide is written primarily to help our readers, enhance their Hulu experience on Roku. 

Block Hulu Ads On Roku

Hulu is famous for two reasons. First- Disney is its parent company and the second reason is that it is a vast sea of all kinds of TV Entertainment. With Hulu, you get access to the latest shows much before any other competing services around. The only drawback is that the premium version is very costly to afford. 

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Block Hulu Ads on Roku | Is It Possible?

Yes, read along to know more about the creative and easy ways to Block Hulu Ads on Roku. Besides, If you need to learn more about how to disable Hulu Ads on Other devices, please visit our previous article on the same. Find here the most relevant and detailed insight on how to disable ads on Roku.

Can I Completely Block All the Ads on Roku?

Since Ads are the primary source of Revenue for Hulu, So it won’t allow you to altogether disable the ads. Even if you use an advanced Ad-Blocker, there is still a very fair chance that its algorithm will not let you watch anymore unless the ad-blocker is paused or disabled.

But, there are ways in which these Ads can be limited and avoided. We have discussed them below, please muster along.

Possible Solutions to Block Hulu Ads on Roku

Try Roku Settings | Always works

Firstly, this will not eliminate all of the ads, but it sure will track down and limit down a bundle of messy advertisements. You will only have to suffer through a few non-targeted ones. To try this, please follow the below- mentioned instructions.

  1. Go to the Settings from your Roku Home Screen.
  2. Now, go to Privacy.
  3. Next, please tap on Advertising.
  4. You must enable the Limit Ad Tracking setting now.
  5. Please Restart your device.

Try Router Settings | Easy Way

Again, this will not help to disable all the Ads, but rest assured that all the pop-ups and unnecessary junk and history related Ads from the unidentified URL’s will be detained.

To perform this, please take these steps into consideration:

  1. Open your Router Settings on Roku.
  2. Now, click on the Advance option.
  3. Next, choose the Security option.
  4. You must click on the Block These Sites option.
  5. Further, Add these sites http://cloudservices.roku.comhttp://Analytic in the blocklist.
  6. Next, please enable the Enterprise Advertising and Analytics option to disable it.
  7. Do not forget to restart your device

For Roku TV devices (Optional)

Roku has interactive commercials programming on TV devices, which would put up annoying pop-ups on the screen. These exist only on Roku TV devices but not on Roku Stick or streaming boxes. Anyways, let us take a look at how to do it:

  1. Go to the settings on your Roku Home screen.
  2. Now, select Privacy.
  3. Next, please click on Smart TV Experience.
  4. In the TV Inputs option, turn off the Use Info option.
  5. Please Restart your Roku device.

Should I Use Ad-Blockers? What about DNS proxy servers?

No, and for good reasons. First, is that if you have not paid for Premium services, you have to suffer through some ads, because that is how these services get to earn. Besides, the code infrastructure of services like Netflix, and Hulu is so robust, that no free service will ever be able to breach into with the regularly updating security patches in these services. 

How Can I Completely Block Hulu Ads on Roku?

The only way to get rid of all the annoying advertisements is to upgrade to their premium services, which offer ad-free watching. For that, you must visit this link. Hence, to make your mind up before jumping into hefty pricing, we would suggest you -imply these simple procedures and get to know if you really need premium packages. 

Closure | Block Hulu Ads On Roku

We have comprehensively answered the query “How to Block Hulu Ads on Roku?” And we hope that you do not have anything else to enquire regarding the Hulu adblocking on Roku.

To enhance your experience by eliminating annoying Hulu commercials, we developed this step-by-step report for our readers. Moreover, please let us know if there are any related queries or suggestions in the comment section below.