After a year of postponement due to Corona, everyone is eyeing the Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2021. However, in view of increasing cases of infection, the threat still remains. On the other hand, two-time Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar has said that having a corona vaccine is very important for the successful organization of the Olympics.

the Indian wrestler said that given the current situation, it is very difficult for the players to train and they face many challenges. He said, ‘We are preparing for the Olympics and I think the Corona vaccine is needed because we are very close to the tournament. Many of my fellow players have been infected with Corona and this is a very challenging time for the players. When the players start training, then there is more chance of them getting infected, which is not right.

Sushil also appealed to the players and the people of the country to be cautious and asked the people to adopt all security measures. He said that the risk of pandemics is present everywhere and even a small mistake can be dangerous. Sushil asked the players to be more cautious.