American TV series City on a Hill is all set to premiere its season 2 in the coming spring this year. Ben Affleck and MacLean are the creators of the show and it premiered on June 7, 2019 and June 16, 2019 on the internet and Showtime Network respectively. The makers announced the renewal of the crime drama series on August 2, 2019. However, the show was unable to air anytime soon due to production issues during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Showtime entertainment’s president Gary Levine when talking about the show quoted that “City on a Hill is that addictive kind of meaty and messy show we love at Showtime, with the inspired pairing of Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge and the inspired writing of Tom Fontana and Chuck MacLean, we believe there is a rich future for this compelling series.”

Release Date

The makers have announced March 28, 2021 as the release date of the show.


She show is based in 1990’s Boston (also known as the city on a hill). During this era, Boston’s streets are filled with violent crimes and social deviants. The police is corrupt and racist. All law enforcement agencies are riddled with corruption and they encourage and embolden the criminals to take laws in their own hands and follow “taking it to the street” as a norm.

Suddenly a fictional transformation takes place called the “Boston Miracle.” A corrupt FBI agent named Jackie Rohr along with Decourcy Ward who is an assistant district attorney form an alliance to take down certain criminals from the city. This alliance leads to different reforms and finally changes the entire criminal justice system.


The show features the following cast members:

  • Kevin Bacon as John “Jackie” Rohr
  • Aldis Hodge as DeCourcy Ward
  • Jonathan Tucker as Francis “Frankie” Ryan
  • Mark O’Brien as James “Jimmy” Ryan
  • Lauren E. Banks as Siobhan Quay
  • Amanda Clayton as Cathy Ryan
  • Jere Shea as Henry “Hank” Signa
  • Kevin Chapman as Dickie Minogue
  • Jill Hennessy as Jennifer “Jenny” Rohr
  • Cathy Moriarty as Ma Ryan
  • Rory Culkin as Clay Roach
  • Kevin Dunn as Nathan Rey[5]
  • Vincent Elbaz as Officer Hugo Rey
  • Zoe Margaret Colletti as Benedetta Rohr
  • Mark Ryder as Father Doyle
  • Michaela McManus as FBI Agent Sarah Rhodes

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