AK600 Solar Pool Ionizer Review 2020 | WORTH IT?


To own a pool is to own a pond of concerns. Well, however stately it might seem to be, the problems of algae and copper build-up isn’t something novel of the sort. In this Ak600 solar pool ionizer review, we would discuss all the worth of the product. Should you trust this product? Does this work as they claim it on the branding?

Ak600 Solar Pool Ionizer Review

Ak600, as in a product for the pool, isn’t something exceptional in any way. Products like this have already been buzzing around and for long. It alarmed us when suddenly the ads about the product kept following our friend, Jose. He owns a pool in Texas. Must have gotten around him in Rainey Street. So, he called up and asked If he can use it for the business.

Find out what we found, unaltered, below in this Ak600 solar pool ionizer review. 

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Ak600 Solar Pool Ionizer Review | WORTH IT?

First things first, AK600 is running on a technology that was initially developed by NASA. They needed something to keep the water sources clean. However, when it worked, the technology found its way into the market for public use. We will discuss how it works later in a section in this article. But for now, let’s get to know what AK600 is. 

Ak600 Solar Pool Ionizer

AK600 is an expensive yet straightforward device designed to cut your cost on full maintenance if looked upon from a long-term perspective. The best thing about this AK600 ionizer is that once you put it to work, you forget about it. Because you do not need to plug it to the electricity source or even require batteries for it to work. The Solar plate on the top of this device keeps it functioning.

Ak600 Solar Pool Ionizer REVIEW

Now, let’s look at what the company manufactures say about their product. They claim that this device uses up to 80% less chlorine, which estimates to about saving $300 to $500 in chemical expenses. Which again makes it okay to contemplate. If nothing accomplishes in the impression, at least you can receive your money back.

How Does AK600 Pool Ionizer Work?

The working principle behind this device is elementary. These devices add copper and sometimes other heavy metals to the water, which in the case of AK600, is the copper. Now, electric ionizers discharge copper plate with electricity and release copper particles into the water in the form of ions. Copper ionization is a safe way to keep your pools clean because it kills viruses and bacteria. Still, for the most part, these pool ionizers are put into work for killing the unwanted algae.

Mainly the black algae, which is very tough to get rid of. Chlorine, on the other hand, if used excessively, may cause skin and eye problems. To use this device altogether if nothing still reduces the usage of chlorine by 80 percent to keep your pool fresh.

Will AK600 Work For My Pool?

AK 600 is pretty reliable in the market, but if we talk about branding. They claim to treat about 50k gallons of water up straight. Now, we would like to add a little zest of truth- in reality. It depends on the pool season in your state. For instance, in New Jersey, a single coil may last up for 18 months because the pool season is relatively short. While in Texas, ten months would be enough. 


How to Use Ak600 Pool ionizer?

This device is moderately uncomplicated to use. We don’t need any electric wiring to plug it in, or even any batteries to keep it charged. This fulfills the objective of maintaining the owner worry-free. 

Once you want to use it, just simply throw in the pool. It will automatically balance its position in the pool. The distinct design holds the Solar plate above and the ionizer segment immersed in the pool. 

how to use?

Sometime you might notice a layer of oxidized copper on the surface of the copper rod. You can use the metallic brush provided in the package to clean all the oxidation. Once cleaned, this rod is ready to work just fine again. When the copper rod has worn out completely, which generally happens after two or three pools seasons. You can purchase a replacement rod and fit it in the place of the previous rod.

Since it works perfectly fine for us, we venture that it will work for you too. This device can work on all classes of pools and all sorts of water. In fact, for the prudence and the reclamation of thought. We do employ a touch of chlorine from time to time, which is also recommended. Still, if you don’t want to use any chlorine, this ionizer is good enough to keep all the bacteria and the algae away. Besides, we attempted scouring online to discover some counteractive details about this ionizer. Although we couldn’t detect any negative reviews. Still hither is a succinct part of knowledge, below you might wanna consider. 


Is AK600 Solar Pool Ionizer Safe?

Higher levels of copper in the pool water may cause irritation and sometimes nausea in certain body types. These health effects aren’t dangerous, but one never knows. There are times when you might notice your hair bluish-green when you come out of the pool. That is not because of chlorine, it is because of copper.

You can purchase a copper testing kit that is readily available separately if you do not want to buy this product. Still, if you buy this product, they provide you a chlorine testing kit. We suggest that you just use this kit to timely check the levels of copper in the water of the pool. 

Closure | Ak600 Solar Pool Ionizer Review

In our Ak600 Solar Polar Ionizer Review, we have comprehensively covered everything about it. Ak600 pool ionizer is okay to deserve a chance. Before purchasing the bulk for all your pools, it is recommended to first buy one. Put it at the test, and then if you feel satisfied, move for more. But all we do is suggest, to act is what makes you.

Use the comment section below, to reach out to us for any queries or suggestions. We look forward to presenting more such product reviews to you, so stay tuned.