5 Best Portable Air Conditioner For Camping Review | GUIDE 2020


There is not a better time to camp out than in summers. But the problem of day-time heat has been an ever constant. However, you have arrived over the most suitable place to settle your queries in this article regarding the best portable air conditioner for camping. 

Best Portable Air Conditioner for CAMPING!

Camping isn’t just being in a sequestered part of the suburbs. Drinking beer, if you are legal. And barbequing fishes and meat. It’s more like happening in a jovial thought, while being out on the trails, sniffing greenery. What’s the bitter cup, but? Heat and Heat and Heat. There’s just too much heat, and we already go whiffed on ice-creams and drinks before the destinations. Destroys the totality of the infernal fun. 

What to do? Have yourself a Portable Air Conditioner. But we know you don’t know which one, Americana. So, here is this article helping you to configure which portable air conditioner for Camping you utterly require.

Portable Air Conditioner For Camping (Review)

These days, there are just too many options online. And everyone on the internet is so lashed out on alternatives. They just do not know their requirements suitably. Ending up buying a crappy product based on testimonials and reviews they find online. Well, this article is not a review report or another product selling space.

So, find yourself a tea of trust to have while reading this requirement-based product-suggestion guide on portable air conditioners for Camping. 

Blaux Portable AC – Best for Camping

Number one choice among the citizens, since Blaux’s customary stores, in the eastern part of the country find it hard to breathe with all the movement. These little coolers come and go as swift as a dove-sight. Now, here we will be discussing the advantages of this model over other such portable ACs promising unworldly coolness.

Furthermore, we will look into what requirements this model serves out the best. Besides, for whom is this the most suitable for. So, without any further ado, we must start the outline.


Benefits Of Blaux Portable AC

If we are counting on Portability, the compact size and looks of this Blaux Portable AC are unmatchable. Now, If we are considering the cooling time and temperature shift- Blaux cools down your surroundings immediately to 5 degrees under three minutes. Blaux Portable AC does not require to be plugged into electricity for it to function, though that is an option too.

For camping purposes, especially, you can plug it into the AC charging port to charge. It will take around two to three hours to charge completely, depending on the voltage. Blaux is capable of running six hours on a single charge, if in moderate mode. Three Fan speeds make it highly customizable according to the user needs. 

Blaux is a three-in-one compact device that works as an Air purifier, Air-humidifier, and also as the air conditioner, which it primarily is. The air filter curtains are easy to wash with water, and they dry quickly and can be reused. There is a lot more to it, but let’s keep it short to save the excitement.  

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Blaux Is Best For?

  1. Blaux is the best portable air conditioner for camping. 
  2. This Portable AC is suitable for office rooms and houses.
  3. Blaux will work quite fine in garages and cash-counters. 
  4. It is generally apt for study rooms and hostels as it is very quite.

Who Should Buy Blaux?

Anybody can buy Blaux, but specifically the most, it becomes a necessary buy for the people who love to hang out and be on hardcore roads. They cannot afford an Air Conditioner around them all the time because it is technically not possible. But these mini-portable Air Conditioners rise up as the only and perfect solution to the cause. 


Polar Chill Portable AC

Polar Chill Portable AC is a new addition to the bunch under the category. It’s not like that this product comes as a first runner up. Design is relinquishing and appalling. However, a little downside to this one here is its stock limits. But, worry not because if there is any availability soon, our readers may find the updated links for purchase right below the product outline. To talk about its functionality, it is as useful and worthy as is Blaux. Know more about the benefits and perks in detail, right below this paragraph. 

ac for camping purposes

Benefits Of Polar Chill AC

Polar Chill will definitely look pleasing wherever it gets placed. This portable AC comes with a proximity sensor that turns it off when the user is not around. It is an air humidifier, too, which will make the atmosphere around you healthy and pampered to work in. Or sleep in as the user might wish.

Usually, when in camps, there isn’t proper air ventilation, and sometimes there is too much dust in the air. Polar Chill takes that into consideration and filters out the particulates and pollutants in the recycled air. Also, there is a UV light to purify the air from germs and certain bacteria. Polar Chill makes itself a healthy choice to be considered. 

portable air conditioner for camping in camp

Easy-to-install and use, as it works solely on rechargeable batteries, which provide it a very efficient power and speed output. It is safe to be carried around during Camping as a personal air conditioner. It does not require any gas for cooling, and just in case you go out of ice to keep the drinks fresh, nothing better than Polar Chill onboard.

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Polar Chill Is Best For?

  1. Polar Chill is best for taking it out on picnics & even for camping.
  2. This AC is best for roads, either in your cars or caravans.
  3. Polar Chill can also be used in your home and offices.
  4. It is perfect for night cooling in bedrooms.

Should Buy Polar Chill Portable Air Conditioner for Camping?

As such, if you are influenced by the product itself, please go-ahead to give it a try. 

camping girl with ac for camping

Mostly, Polar Chill is highly recommendable for campers and the people who like to stay calm but also want to visit Tucson or Riverside, California. Further, these ACs do not make any noticeable noise, so it is also beneficial for hostel rooms and medical wards. 

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Additional Choices | Best Portable AC for Camping

There is one more brand that has impressed our tech-team and reviewers- EvaPolar. If, in any case, the above two go out of stock or if there occurs any delivery issue, which is very unlikely but still. We must always have a Plan B.

However, there are sub-advantages to this one too, if you have already used the Blaux or Polar Chill and need a change of taste. You definitely should try EvaPolar Portable AC. There is not one but three of them again, we would like to add in our list below. 

Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus EV-1500 

EvaLIGHT Plus is a personal air conditioner which sits conveniently on any desk or table and is very easy to transport around too. It is for personal use, as it cools the area in front of it, covering at most about 45 sqft. Moreover, these advanced designs are leak-proof in nature within enlarged Water Tank for long working hours.

Evapolar EvaSMART Personal 

Evapolar EvaSMART Personal This Portable mini AC is Amazon Alexa Compatible and works with almost any Virtual Smart Home Assistants with voice commands. Moreover, these AC are also like above ACs, but as a bonus, you can manage it with the Mobile App, which connects remotely with Wi-Fi.

Evapolar evaCHILL New Personal

Evapolar evaCHILL New Personal

A three-in-one, humidifier, purifier, and an AC reduces the number of devices for each purpose alone. Cools very rapidly and efficiently. Advanced designing permits leakage proof tanks with ever-larger capacity. 

Closure – Portable Air Conditioner for Camping

We hope this article on some of the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Camping must have been a guiding light in this blinding era of online purchases. We have covered all the information about the units precisely to help you choose the best-suited model for your camping requirements! Besides, the portable ACs discussed above definitely pass our expectations and tests.

If you make your mind to purchase the discussed ones, do tell our fellow readers about your experience. Also, do not hesitate to put out any queries or suggestions in the comment box below.