Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals, one of the most popular teen dramas currently on Netflix, is Young Royals. This Swedish drama depicts the life and times of a Swedish Prince who is divided between duty and love. Lisa Ambjorn created this drama about the coming-of-age of young prince Wilhelm, who is staying at Hillerska Boarding school. Hillerska is an elite boarding school that allows the creme de la crème of society to freely reign. The first season of the series has just been released to Netflix on July 1, but fans are already asking for more. Young Royals season 2 is already in the fan’s sights. When is it due to being released?

To answer the fans’ questions regarding the futures of Simon and Wilhelm, we did some research and gathered some information. Let’s take a closer look!

Young Royals season 2 release date

Young Royals season 2 is yet to be released. It could take fans some time to figure this out. You can assume that the show could be renewed shortly at some time in 2022. But that’s just speculation, as nothing has been officially confirmed.

Young Royals Season 2

Who will be returning in Season 2?

The cast for season 2 is as follows: His Highness Prince Wilhelm will be returning (Edvin Ryding), and the dreamy Simon Rudberg (Omar Rudberg). Malte Garcianger will return as of August, Frida Agento as Sara, and Nikita Uggla for Felice. In addition to them, we will also see Pernilla Aug, Nathalie Varli, Madison, and Linda Gloria Perez.

Although we won’t be able to see Ivar Forsling Crown Princess Erik because he’s already gone, we do expect to have a few flashbacks.

Young Royals Season 2 Plot What can you expect?

We know that season 1 was the beginning of season 2. Season 2 will be built on this foundation. August leaks the video clip showing Wilhelm and Simon in an intimate moment. This puts the couple’s relationship through its paces. Wilhelm was persuaded by his mother that Simon was not him in the video. This saved the face of the royal family.

Simon felt betrayed. Wilhelm didn’t leave Simon to face the consequences, his face was visible in the video. Wilhelm also suggested that their relationship be kept secret to not damage the image of the crown. But, Simon is not happy and decides to end their relationship. We saw that Simon disagreed with Wilhelm at the end of the series. The way he hugs Simon and the way he responds to him indicate their deep feelings. Wilhelm’s public embrace of Simon reveals that he is becoming more confident about his love. In the coming season, we can expect to witness their love blossom.

It also raises the question of whether Wilhelm will stand up to his mother and defend Simon’s love. They will spend a lot of time together at Hillerska. Season 2 is expected to bring out the steamy romantic side and some sexual tension. All speculations can only be made if Simon can forgive Wilhelm for his actions. Willy hugged Willy in love before school.