Yellowstone Season 4

Paramount Network unveils a new trailer Yellowstone Season 4 confirms that the Kevin Costner-led Western drama will air this fall. This series was created by Sicario’s Taylor Sheridan John Linson and the Dutton family are the stars of the series. They face conflict with Native reservations and national park bordering tribes, as well family drama. The series’ cast includes Costner and Wes Bentley.

The series premiered in 2018 and received mixed reviews. However, it quickly rose to the top of the Paramount Network’s original scripted programs list. The series received consistently high ratings and was renewed repeatedly. It has also received better reviews from critics and a higher viewership. Paramount+’s prequel series Y 1883 was also developed from this success. It is expected that it will premiere later in the year.

Paramount Network released the trailer for Yellowstone Season 4, just over a year ago. The trailer teases the fates and assassinations of Dutton’s family members. It also confirms that the Western series will be returning this fall. Check out the trailer below:

YouTube video

After a rough start, the show has improved steadily and season 3 was a better season for storytelling. The season 3 finale featured Sheridan and his writer’s room adopting a Dallas-like strategy with a cliffhanger asking the question: Who shot the family patriarch? However, it was certainly more natural than the iconic ’70s soap. It was certainly closer to Netflix’s Ozark, and both shows have high expectations for their returns.

The trailer is a reminder of what happened in season 3, including Beth’s attempted bombing. However, it did contain an interesting tease. Yellowstone Season 4: John Dutton, Costner’s character, is still breathing for the moment. After a few shots to his chest, things looked pretty grim when he last appeared on the screen. The trailer confirms that he is still breathing. Hauser’s Ripwheel When he appears on screen, it should be a relief. The rip will have to prove his ability to get him medical attention in the future when the series returns later in the year.