Are there any chances that Yellowstone season 4 could air on July 11, or is it possible? There are several reasons why it might make sense to return the Paramount Network’s show there. It’s not the Sunday before the Fourth, so there is no holiday competition. It’s also the Sunday before the Olympics begin, so it makes sense to not launch the show during that time. It would make a good spot to launch and attract attention.

Unfortunately, programming decisions are not made solely by us.

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The network released their schedule for July 11th, but unfortunately, there is no new Yellowstone. Paramount does have a marathon scheduled for this weekend. However, it doesn’t seem to have any other content planned. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed for good news!)

Is this a sign that the show will not air until August? This is not necessarily true. You could still get some promotion out July 18, and maybe the network doesn’t care about the Olympics competition in late July. But we remain pessimistic about whether new episodes will air before August. Keep in mind that they should release trailers at least a few months ahead to create buzz. They have their #1 show, so it doesn’t make sense to promote it at the very last moment.

Yellowstoneseason4 will open with an answer. Kayce, Beth, John, and Beth still live in the Land of the Living.

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