• The project would follow in the footsteps of NXT UK and NXT India in the expansion of WWE around the world
  • WWE would like to have Chavo Guerrero Jr. as a project advisor

A few days ago, it was reported that  WWE would intend to create a new NXT division in India for 2021. Jinder Mahal, The Singh Brothers, or Indus Sher could be some of the main faces of the brand for its program premiere, which could be broadcast on January 26, when Republic day is celebrated in the country. However, this may not be the only expansion plan the company has in store for next year.

According to the specialized portal  WrestlingInc, WWE would be studying the possibility of presenting a program based on Mexican wrestling that could act in a similar way to a division of NXT in the American country. The NXT Mexico project is still in its early stages of development, but the company would be debating the possibility of broadcasting it on television in the United States. One of the names that have been put on the table to perform the functions of the counselor is that of Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WrestlingInc mentions that one of its sources has compared the new project to  Festival de Lucha, the WCW pilot program, under the direction of Konnan, which was intended to promote the Latin wrestling style that prevailed in the cruiserweight division of the company. The episode was recorded in January 1999 and was to be broadcast on the Telemundo network. He was added to the Hidden Gems section of WWE Network last year. Festival de Lucha was a direct response to  Super Astros, a program produced by WWE for Univision, a Spanish-speaking network that broadcasts its product in the United States.

NXT Expansion Plans

NXT Mexico would follow the dynamics of WWE to internationalize its product and continue to expand its borders. In addition to the rumored creation of NXT India, the company would intend to open a Performance Center in Asia in 2022 that would feature talent from places like Japan, India, China, and Singapore.

In addition, Raj Giri, from  WrestlingInc, reported that WWE could soon present a new show that acts as a development brand for NXT and which would present a style closer to that seen in the independent scene. Gabe Sapolsky, co-founder of EVOLVE Wrestling, would be in charge of leading the project.