• Sasha Banks, Xavier Woods, and AJ Styles met with Vince McMahon to handle the controversy with WWE’s policy against social networks
  • AJ Styles hints that WWE will get away with this matter

Zelina Vega became the epicenter of controversy when her dismissal from WWE was announced on November 13. The competitor and manager had become one of the biggest opponents of the company’s policy against social networks and platforms such as Cameo, OnlyFans, or Twitch. The WWE leadership contacted their superstars to force them to close their channels. Some of them ignored, like Zelina Vega, but others did not.

TalkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy recently interviewed AJ Styles, who spoke about what happened and claimed to have had a meeting with Vince McMahon. Specifically, it was Sasha Banks, Xavier Woods, and he who had a conversation with the WWE chairman about it.

“We do well when it comes to WWE. If there is an opportunity to pay back that money that we worked hard for in different ways, we should probably do it,” Styles explained. “I was doing this long before the restrictions and the coronavirus. I was broadcasting and doing my thing, so I always did it in my spare time, not during work hours.”

Despite that though, Styles made his company position clear and decided to abide by Vince McMahon’s orders. “Then things happen,” AJ Styles continued. “I wasn’t happy about it. No one was. But that’s what it is. I’ll handle it the way I have to. I’m a team player, Vince McMahon is the captain. I’ll follow his lead where Vince is concerned.”.

Styles went on to explain that WWE continues to have meetings on how to manage and possibly alter the situation at this time, but doubts that it will get the result that it would like, which means that WWE will not allow its Superstars to manage Cameo, OnlyFans or Twitch accounts. in the future.