• Hardy suffered an injury while performing a Swanton bomb during WWE Raw
  • Hardy defeated Ilyas in the Symphony of Destruction match.

In this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Elias was defeated in a Symphony of Destruction match. Although Jeff was also injured during this match, now Jeff Hardy gave an important update regarding his injury.

Speaking after Raw, Jeff Hardy explained the move, saying the risky stunt was “no joke”, but clarified that he was completely fine. This is a great relief for the fans. Fans were constantly worried about Jeff Hardy’s neck injury.

Elias and Hardy match in WWE Raw

In the thrilling match between Elias and Hardy in WWE Raw, Ilyas lost to Jeff Hardy. However, this match was quite thrilling as in this match both wrestlers beat each other with musical instruments such as guitars and other instruments while doing great wrestling.

It was a very fluctuating match in which both of them were seen falling heavily on each other. This week proved to be WWE Raw’s most spectacular match. Elias was ahead in the match but Jeff Hardy pushed Elias out of the ring as soon as he got a chance and laid him on a table. After placing Elias on the table, Jeff Hardy placed all musical instruments on him.

Performing his most dangerous stunt, he stood up from the pole and jumped on Elias (Swanton Bomb), and won by pin. There was no statement from WWE but Hardy clarified the situation after WWE Raw.

The animosity between Hardy and Elias is not old enough, but whether or not WWE will pursue it in Raw will be a matter to be seen.