• Roman Reigns the Heel Champion still has a lot to gain in WWE.
  • Know what Roman Reigns needs to do in the WWE as Heel Champion.

Roman Reigns made a surprise comeback at WWE SummerSlam 2020, taking a heel turn, badly attacking The Find and Bron Strowman. In the Payback PPV, Roman Reigns became Universal champion for the second time in his career, pinning Braun Strowman in a Triple Threat match. After becoming Universal champion, Roman defended his Universal title by defeating his cousin Uso in Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell PPV.

After failing to defeat Roman, Jay Uso joined him and is now dominating the Roman Reigns Blue brand with Jay Uso. In this article, we are going to mention 4 big things that WWE Superstar Roman Reigns must do as Heel Champion.

4- Roman Reigns should prepare his faction in WWE SmackDown

Currently, in the WWE SmackDown, Jay Uso is playing well with Roman Reigns and there is a possibility that Jimmy Uso can join the two superstars once he is fit. After the return of Jimmy Uso, Jay Uso is likely to target the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and would like the title to be factored in. Apart from this, Roman Reigns should create a big factor in the Blue brand by bringing some more Men’s and Women’s Superstars to his team.

3- Roman Reigns Become Multi Champion in WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns is the current Universal Champion and it looks like he may soon be seen defending his title against Kevin Owens. Now that Roman Reigns is a heel superstar, he should target another title of the WWE SmackDown Intercontinental Championship.

If the current Universal champion Roman Reigns wins the Intercontinental Championship, he can defend this mid-card title against superstars like Big E and give him a chance to enter the limelight. Also, defending the intercontinental title of The Big Dog will greatly increase the value of this title.

2- WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns should use his opponent’s move during the match

Roman Reigns is a Heel WWE Superstar and because of this, he can go to any extent to win his match. Roman Reigns should use his opponent’s finishing move occasionally to defeat his opponent during his match. If Roman Reigns steals his opponent’s move during the match, he will not be the first superstar to do so, but even before that many superstars have used their opponent’s move.

1- Roman Reigns should become the new King of the Ring in WWE

King Corbin became the new King of the Ring in September 2019, defeating Chad Gable during an episode of WWE Raw. It has been over a year since Corbyn became King of the Ring and WWE should once again host the tournament for the new King of the Ring. Current Universal champion Roman Reigns is the biggest contender to become the new King of the Ring and it is certain that The Big Dog will prove to be better than King Corbin as King.