Although only two matches have been scheduled this week, we can well ahead assume the whereabouts of these matches based on the previous week’s matches. So, here we are with our exciting weekly WWE Raw Preview to help you gear up for the shows.

Since some matches could be set up during WWE Raw, there can be differences between our predictions and the actual show.

WWE RAW Preview:

  1. Nikki Cross will be attacked by Alexa Bliss

When asked to chose between The Fiend and Nikki Cross, Alexa chose the latter and walked away in the latest episode of RAW.


So, in the next episode we are hoping to see Alexa attack Nikki as it seems to be the more logical development in the storyline.


  1. The RAW Tag Team Titles will be retained by The New Day

The New Day is going to clash against Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander for the RAW Tag Team Championships in the title match which has been officially announced by WWE.


We are guessing The New Day would recapture the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships and add another victory to their pocket. The Hurt Business will be able to win belts but it is likely to happen only after the Survivor Series


  1. Lana will seek vengeance on Nia Jax

It has been 8 weeks in a row since Nia Jax has been putting Lana through the announce table. We are going to guess that this week Lana would be successful in seeking vengeance on Nia and proving that she will not weigh down Team RAW at Survivor Series.


  1. Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton to end via DQ caused by The Fiend

A massive match between Randy Orton Vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship has been confirmed officially by WWE for this episode of RAW.


As both the guys will not be easy to defeat, we are guessing to see some interference from The Fiend which might cause the match to end in disqualification. It will also tease The Fiend vs Orton vs McIntyre.


  1. The Miz will try to Cash-in

Miz and John Morrison might come down to the ring to pin Orton in an attempt to cash-in after The Fiend’s attack. Although this seems to be an impossible possibility taking into consideration how intimidating The Fiend is.


  1. Team RAW will work together to take out Retribution

Team Raw including AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Riddle and Kaith Lee has been having tons of arguments.


Our prediction for the next meeting of Team RAW is that RETRIBUTION’s appearance might solve the conflict among the team members and they will force RETRIBUTION to back off by kicking their butts.


  1. Smackdown will invade RAW at the end of the show

We are guessing that Team Smackdown with both men’s and women’s team would show up in the next episode to attack Team RAW which would lead to a massive tussle. This year RAW vs Smackdown has been the theme, so this clash would make the fans thrilled for the Survivor Series and the next episode of Smackdown.


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