If you have ever tried using writing apps, you know that not all of them are as effective as they promise to be. Some are full of distractions and do not fulfill the mission of saving students’ time. However, it is still a fast-developing industry that brings us dozens of new apps every month. Even though many developers work on the drawbacks of existing programs to make them as useful as possible for students, some of the crucial disadvantages remain.

A wide variety of apps can help students tailor flawless content. It is easy to find a writing app for student that allows you to hire qualified experts that will help you write and proofread all kinds of academic writing assignments. You can place orders on the go and get them by the required deadline. Also, you can use AI apps that generate content for you. Many students use tools to check their writing for plagiarism, as nobody wants to face penalties for submitting an unoriginal paper.

Are all such apps useful? Some have more advantages than disadvantages, while others turn out to be just a waste of time. Check our list of pros and cons for using writing apps and decide if you are ready to install some of them on your laptop.


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Availability and a wide variety of options. You can choose from multiple apps that help students in different ways. Some of them help you hire a writer to cope with an assignment successfully. Other apps will help you edit your papers and make sure they meet the requirements of the necessary formatting style. No matter what writing difficulties you experience, there is a tool to overcome them. On top of that, you can use these apps from anywhere and at any time.

Help you save time. Students always lack time, no matter how many courses they take per semester. Writing apps come in handy because they help you meet the pressing deadlines of assignments. For instance, you can rely on them during the editing and proofreading stages of the writing process. Some use passive voice or forget to put a comma in its place. Tools like Hemingway help you improve your readability score and make your content more engaging.

You learn while writing. Apps like Grammarly correct spelling mistakes and suggest how to make your writing more appealing and engaging. It is an excellent opportunity for students to analyze their most frequent errors and learn while writing. This type of app also helps students learn about new ways of formulating their thoughts in a clear and concise manner. In some aspects, apps can substitute expensive lessons with tutors.

Help you overcome writer’s block. Staring at a blank page for hours and being unable to write a single sentence have nothing to do with productivity. AI writing tools can bring you much-needed inspiration. You can type in a topic of your interest or a question you need to answer and look at what AI suggests. There are also essay typer tools that can generate samples of academic writing. The tool collects parts of content on the desired topic from different online sources and creates wholesome content. You can read such a piece and decide which ideas are relevant to use in your assignment.

Opportunity to cooperate with professionals. Writing apps can help you connect with qualified writers from around the world. They serve as intermediaries between students and writers, ensuring both parties get positive results. In other words, when you hire a freelance writer via an app, you avoid all kinds of risks.


Image by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

You stop paying attention to spelling mistakes. While spelling checks make the lives of students easier, they also have one considerable drawback. When students use proofreading apps all the time, they start ignoring the mistakes they make. They know that intelligent algorithms will correct their mistakes, so there is no point in paying attention to misspelled words. Therefore, it is crucial to find a healthy balance not to overuse writing apps to the end when they become harmful.

You may end up submitting plagiarized content. You should know that the content that AI tools generate might be unoriginal. After all, their algorithms analyze the information on the web and compose content using the available data from open sources. Therefore, students need to check if it is original before using the generated passages in their papers. Naturally, rewriting those passages takes time which is not always convenient.

No original ideas. Students often use AI writing tools to generate ideas for their assignments. Even though they help you overcome writer’s block, you will not find new, unexpected ideas in generated content. The algorithms of such tools use the information that already exists and simply rephrase them. No writing app can do it for you if you need to impress teachers with new insights and conclusions.

Some options are fee-based. Only some of the apps you will find on the web are free to use. Most of them have limited free versions that do not include such valuable functions as plagiarism check, expert writing help, the ability to download the file, etc. The problem with that is buying a pig in a poke. Not all apps have a free trial period when you can test the premium functions and decide whether you are ready to pay for them.

There can be too much advertising. Another disadvantage of free apps is that you might be asked to watch too many ads while using them. It is annoying and distracting. You might lose your train of thought and spend more time composing a section of your masterpiece.


Use writing apps wisely. Test them before you decide to buy a premium subscription. Some functions look good on paper but are not helpful when you start using them. All in all, students can benefit a lot from such apps as they make the process of writing less stressful and time-consuming. Just read the reviews from others and test free versions first.