Babar Azam may be considered as the strongest player of Pakistan but his name has come up in a controversy. Babar Azam has been accused of sexual exploitation by a woman. The woman alleges that Babur Azam continued to exploit her physically by pretending to be married and later refused to marry. According to the woman, Babar Azam started her physical abuse from 2010.

The woman who accused Babar Azam held press talks and accused him. A video from Pakistan’s Channel 24 News appeared on social media on which the woman says that Babar Azam had promised to marry me. They also got me pregnant and beat me up. Apart from this, he also said that he will kill them. The woman alleged that Babur used me.

Babar Azam came in contact with woman in 2010

The woman who alleged the allegation says that Babar Azam came in contact with her in 2010. They both lived in a locality and were classmates. When Babar asked for marriage, the people of the house did not agree, so he drove them away and kept them somewhere. Physically exploited there. After getting into the Under 19 team, he got entry in the national team. After this, his name was made and he refused to marry. The woman also said that Babur Azam even threatened to kill me when I asked to go to the police.

After the video of this press talk appeared on Twitter, everyone is surprised that the legendary Pakistan player and now captain Babar Azam can do such a thing. Babar Azam is also considered one of the better players in world cricket. Babar Azam is still with the Pakistani team that went on tour to New Zealand. Will have to see what will happen next.