Fans Ted Lasso Can you start to celebrate? The Apple TV+ Original is back for season 2! It has also been signed up and confirmed in time for the third season.

The hit sitcom features an American coach working in England’s football pyramid. AFC Richmond They has been trying their best to get back into the Premier League after dropping a division during season one.

Here’s what we know about the cast and release date. Ted Lasso Season 2.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Release Date

confirmed Lasso season 2 will be exclusively available on Apple TV+ Friday 23rd of July. There are 12 episodes total in the season. But the show will premiere with only two episodes. Each Friday, there will be a new episode.

The second season arrives less than a decade after the first episodes were released in August 2020. This is particularly remarkable given the delays caused by the pandemic that has delayed many films and TV shows.

Brendan Hunt, cocreator, stated that filming Ted Lasso had ended at the beginning of June 2021. This suggests a quick turnaround for the editing team to make the show available online in approximately six weeks.

Ted Lasso’s third season has been renewed, but Brendan Hunt (co-creator) warns that the show may be ending there because it is the end of the story they’ve mapped together.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Bill Lawrence, the producing partner of the show, was less certain about the possibility for an early conclusion. He stated that he “hopes” the show will continue – possibly seeing Lasso come back to the United States.


We can confirm that the cast from season one is back for season two. It includes Jason Sudeikis. Brendan Hunt. Nick Mohamed. Hannah Waddingham. Juno Temple. Jeremy Swift is Rebecca’s underling Higgins. It’s not clear if anyone will remain in the same jobs that they held last season. To find out, you will have to keep watching.

While no new cast members are yet to be announced, the team is moving into a different league and may soon see new members. We hope Danny Rojas remains part of our team as we love him cheering, “Football Is Life!” Roy has some physical issues and may move to the coaching team. Nate the Great the coaching assistant said, “Roy, you used to kick the ball as your wife fed.” You should instill this kind of enthusiasm and fight in the young players.

What About The Plot For Ted Lasso Season 2?

This season’s story will have 12 episodes rather than the previous 10 episodes. And there will be plenty of time to squeeze in more. AFC Richmond You has been dropped to the lower levels.

Fans can anticipate to see Lasso Get the team together to complete an immediate Premier League exit.