Daredevil Season 4
Marvel's The Defenders

Daredevil is a superhero who is originally a Marvel comic superhero. Drew Goddard brought it to life on Netflix. Daredevil originally premiered on Netflix and produced by ABC Network. The protagonist, Daredevil, is a normal lawyer by day and a superhero by night. The only thing common in both the lives is his fight against crime.

Is There Going To Be A Season 4?

Initially Netflix cancelled the series after 3 Seasons in the year 2018. So sadly, the answer to this question is 99.9% NO. But there is a very tiny weeny chance that the show may come back! The original platform for its premiere has cancelled it and has no plan for bringing it back. But this doesn’t mean that no other platform(Disney+) can buy its rights. Unfortunately, series that air on Netflix, after cancellation, cannot air elsewhere for the next 2 years. Hence the next time Daredevil airs is going to be in 2020 fall. Which is NOW!

But given that the pandemic pushed back production, there is no official announcement regarding the show’s comeback.

Difficulties in the making of Season 4

Charlie Cox aka Daredevil said that it is quite impossible to actually gather the whole cast and crew and creating Season 4. Majority of the people in the show have moved on from the show with least, to no expectation of its return. Therefore to make another season would be the toughest decision.

Why did Netflix Cancel The Show?

Netflix decided to end the series ‘Daredevil’ because of its lessening viewership. According to IMDb the rating of the show was 8.6/10. This definitely means that the show did quite well. But despite very good ratings the low viewership affected the show immensely. Daredevil garnered maybe low but quite a strong fanbase. Fans were completely dedicated to the show. At the end Netflix decided to end its term.

So ultimately there has been no official announcement of the show YET. This does not mean that fans lose hope because there is definitely a chance.