Heartland Season 14

There are a lot of great shows and movies coming to Netflix in May 2021, but there are one glaring omission from the list of names set to fall on Netflix: Heartland season 14.

The Canadian drama has become a favorite for most Netflix subscribers with Netflix function as a key destination spot for viewers to see the family drama set against the backdrop of a family ranch in Alberta, Canada.

Given the most recent season concluded its broadcast in Canada on March 21, 2021, the expectation of Netflix readers has been the show’s next season might arrive shortly for stateside lovers to enjoy. But it seems we can full out a May 2021 release for Heartland season 14 as there is no strategy on Netlfix’s part to release the latest season of this show this month.

So when precisely could Heartland season 14 be coming to Netflix? Here is what we know so far.

When Is Season 14 Of Heartland Coming Out On Netflix?

Heartland Season 14

At this moment, Netflix hasn’t confirmed when precisely Heartland season 14 will be coming to Netflix and it seems fans might have a longer than expected wait.

Netflix is notorious for not showing its hand too early in regards to revealing titles coming too far out, but there is a lot that may be drawn upon when looking at the show’s previous Netflix release schedule.

In last years, there were considerable delays between when the hottest seasons of Heartland have dipped in Canada and if they have arrived on Netflix US.

The 1 constant was that when new seasons failed to arrive, they generally debuted during the summer months with August being a popular month for the release of fresh seasons. That was until this year, when Netflix released season 12 and season 13 in February 2021 much to the surprise of lovers.

Because of the large gaps between when seasons have came and the unpredictable nature in which the seasons have surfaced, it is improbable Heartland season 14 will drop sometime in 2021. Instead, it seems more likely lovers will have another long wait with another season most likely to arrive sometime in 2022.