Heartland Season 14
Heartland Season 14

Heartland season 14-plot is a canadian tv series. it is a family based drama series. the story of the series has been adapted from the novel under same title by lauren brooke. the series made its release in canada in CBC on october 14th 2007 and is developed by Murray Shostak. Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter, Graham Wardle, Nathaniel Arcand, Jessica Amlee and Alisha Newton are seen doing the lead roles in the show. the show has created a total of thirteen episodes started airing on October 14th 2007 with thirteen episodes to september 22nd 2019 with ten episodes. the show got an imdb 8.4/10.

Heartland Season 14
Heartland 14

Heartland Season 14 Plot

No trailer is out yet for the upcoming Heartland season 14. due to the corona virus pandemic the creators have decided to keep the plotlines a secret and therefore no details about the synopsis of the fourteen series is known yet. stay with us for details.

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Heartland Season 14 Cast

The cast list has not been officially announced yet but it is expected that the majority of the cast from the previous season will be back for the fourteenth season.
1) Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
2) Graham Wardle as Tyler Borden
3) Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise Fleming Morris
4) Shaun Johnston as Jackson Bartlett
5) Chris Potter as Tim Fleming

Heartland Season 14 Release Date

The release date of the Heartland 14th series was set to be airing in January 2021 but looing down to the pandemic going on in the countries. so it is then decided that the fans should not expect the foutheen series release by early 2021. observing the release date pattern of the previous seasons the 14th series is expected to be out in october first week 2021. stay with us for more updates.