WhatsApp is clear: either its way or no way. If you’re one among those that have used third-party applications to switch the operation of WhatsApp, we’ve bad news you’ll be left without your account. Since the messaging app has hardly any customization options, although in recent years they indeed need improving during this category many developers decided to switch the appliance themselves to vary colors allow the utilization of other fonts or other more gruesome things which we’ll not mention here.

Tired of the risks that these apps entail, as they might be wont to collect information from their users or to put in viruses, WhatsApp has decided in the week that if you employ any of those applications, you’ll not be ready to continue using WhatsApp and that they will block your account.

Among the foremost popular applications which will get your account blocked, would be WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and, ultimately, anyone who promises to switch the appliance unofficially. The reasons that WhatsApp uses to veto users who make use of those apps is simple they violate its conditions of use, which coincidentally have recently been updated to incorporate a replacement clause about these customization apps.

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For now, users suffering from this alteration in WhatsApp attitude won’t lose their account forever: the block is going to be temporary and that they are going to be ready to recover the account after a short time. But if they enforce using these apps, they might break down forever.