Baptiste Season 2

It has been two long years since Julien Baptiste was first featured as a police detective in BBC’s hit thriller, Baptiste. And we have been patiently waiting for series 2. Bravo, we did it. It is happening. And it will be coming soon. Here’s all we know about Baptiste series 2

When does Baptiste season 2 start?

Baptiste will air at 9 pm on Sunday 18 th Jul, with all episodes on iPlayer that same day.

Tcheky Karayo stated that Jack and Harry Williams’ second series story is so bold it challenges our society and our relationships.

“I was excited to be pushed in this way and to share this inspiring story with others.”

 Baptiste Season 2

Who is in the Baptiste season 2 cast?

Tcheky Karayo, Julien Baptiste (trouble detective) will host the new season.

“I am so proud and excited for Harry and Jack for the new audacious stories in Hungary,” stated the French actor.

“I can’t get enough of Julien and the emotions that he is about to go through. It’s an amazing adventure and I am looking forward to being part of it with an amazing cast.

Fiona Shaw who plays the role of a British ambassador who is seeking family in Hungary will also be joining him.

Shaw said that Shaw was honored to join the team of highly skilled and committed individuals with the outstanding writing of Harry Williams, Jack Williams, and Thomas Napper.

“I’m so grateful to be working along with the best of all the new generation!”

What’s going to happen in Baptiste season 2?

Baptiste S2 Season 2 is exciting because we are joined by Fiona Shaw, BBC royalty. Killing Eve is the story of Carolyn Martens, a British Ambassador. Shaw portrays British Ambassador Emma Chambers. When her family mysteriously disappears the authorities call Julien Baptiste to help.

The official BBC synopsis says:

The show was originally a spin-off The Missing. The franchise began back in 2014 and starred Frances O’Connor (Frances O’Connor) as the parents. The child goes missing while they are on holiday in France. Each series of The Missing has a different storyline so it makes sense that Baptiste moves on completely from last season.