What’s Gibbs’ Rule 91? As you prepare for the NCIS season 18 finale next week, then it’s something worth considering!

As a matter of fact, we think this new photo of Mark Harmon’s character and his (completed) boat only appears to further the mystery. Normally, naming your ship is one of the last things you do before taking it out on the water, and the fact that he’s named it Rule 91 is intriguing in its own right.

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Many longtime NCIS fans are well-aware of Gibbs’ rules they are a staple of the show as far as anything. However, Rule 91 is not a rule we’ve been made aware of over the years. It is clearly something tied into the narrative of the episode, and it might have something to do with where his state of mind is at. If Gibbs is considering walking away from NCIS, possibly the function is something like”know when it’s appropriate to walk off.”

Let’s make the next clear we don’t want Mark Harmon to depart the show! There are indications he may be back at least part-time in season 19, but so much of this finale makes us nervous. There’s the concept of titling it following a signature rule, then there is also the conclusion of the boat itself. There has to be some sort of symbolic meaning to this; it is either that or the authors are planning out some sort of elaborate smokescreen in order to hide their true goals.

What Do You Think Rule 91 Is Within The World Of The Ncis Season 18 Finale?

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