Dexter Season 9

Jennifer Carpenter has returned to Dexter’s season 9. This was the delightful news that Jennifer Carpenter shared earlier this week. This is no surprise. Jennifer Carpenter was an essential part of the original show, and the writers probably have a way to bring Deb back. They will have her back in spectral form in the same way as they did with Harry Dexter’s father.

Carpenter’s return was expected from the moment that the revival was announced. Even though Deb’s gone, it’s hard for Dexter to imagine without her. The news that Carpenter is back is what we are surprised at, considering that we could easily have supposed that it would be kept a secret for just a few more months.

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Ironic, in that Jennifer’s return is first mentioned by John Lithgow (another returning actor). This could have been a cover story. Here’s what the Trinity Killer actor had to say about the return of his character.

Dexter Season 9

“Dexter fans will know that we saw what happened to the Trinity Killer. So that means that it’s a flashback…. It was amazing to be back with that gang, which included Jennifer Carpenter and Michael [C. Hall], and [showrunner] Clyde Phillips.”

John, Jennifer and Michael C. Hall are the only remaining major cast members from the original series. It is difficult to believe this, but it wasn’t impossible to bring in other original cast members. Season 8 ended with many characters still alive. Dexter is currently in upstate New York, not Miami. On the surface it seems complicated to imagine them finding any way to see him.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To Dexter Season 9?

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