Dexter Season 9

Julie Benz Actress is ready to make a comeback for the revival. In the premiere episode of, Benz was introduced. Dexter Morgan first met Rita Bennett in 2006. Dexter met Rita and married her to blend into society while he was killing Miami criminals. Dexter, Rita, their three children and everything was going well, Dexter suddenly lost his mind. Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), killed Rita And left Harrison, their son, in a pool full of her blood.

Dexter season #4 is often the most popular in the entire series. Rita’s death was one of Dexter‘s shocking moments. Dexter was also shocking in its series finale, but it wasn’t in a good way. Season 8 was a disappointing season for fans and critics. Showtime plans to make the series better with Dexter season 9, which will air this Fall on Showtime. Season 9 currently has Jamie Chung as a true-crime reporter and Clancy Brown portraying Kurt Caldwell. However, other than Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown, no original cast members were confirmed for the revival.

Benz spoke briefly about Dexter’s season 9 while promoting Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer. Benz indicated that she would like to see Rita again for the revival. Benz’s full comment can be read below:

Dexter Season 9

“I think Dexter is way ahead of Rita. She was not his cover and it makes no sense for him to have her on his mind. Rita did not show up because he didn’t internalize it. I would do it if asked. I always believed Rita shouldn’t appear in his head, because she didn’t know the real him. She didn’t know the Dark Traveler.”

Mixed reports have surfaced lately regarding whether or not the Dexter revive will bring back some of the original cast members. James Remar played Dexter’s adopted father for eight seasons. He previously stated that Showtime had not asked any of the original cast members to come back and that he was unaware of their plans for season 9. Chung contradicted Remar’s comments later by saying that the revival has “a lot of fresh faces but a lot of familiar ones”>Dexter’s adoptive father for eight seasons. Showtime will not confirm any returning cast members until after the show airs.

Although it may make sense for characters like Joey Quinn and Angel Batista to come back to finish their stories, Rita would be more challenging to bring back. Rita was not a major part of the show following her death. Dexter went on to find new love interests, such as Lumen Pierce and Hannah McKay. Hannah is currently in the United States so it makes sense to bring Hannah back. Dexter’s child in Argentina Rita has returned in Dexter Season 9 may do more harm that good if writers fail to find a logical route to Rita’s return. Benz’s comment does not make Rita appear to be coming back.