Dexter Season 9

Dexter fans were used to seeing their favorite characters die on Showtime. It’s not surprising that a TV series about a serial killer prosecuted by another serial killer will have a high number of corpses.

However, one of these killings was particularly shocking to observers. Many were shocked when Rita passed away. The surprise story didn’t only shock the fans. Julie Benz played Rita and didn’t know what was coming until the last minute.

Dexter was an American television series that featured Dexter Morgan as a blood-spatter specialist for the Miami Police Department. But he had a terrible secret. Dexter worked as a criminal-catcher, but he also was a serial murderer.

Dexter’s unique ability to create meaningful relationships with others was one of his most striking qualities. Rita Bennett was one of the most important of his connections.

Release Date

The official release date of the ten-episode Dexter Season 9 has not yet been announced. Production started in February and will end in July. If these dates hold, Dexter Season 9 is expected to hit its release window in fall 2021.

This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Dexter Season 9

Clyde Phillips created Dexter. It stars Michael C. Hall (Clancy Brown), Julia Jones, Alano Miller and Johnny Sequoyah. Showtime’s revival series is yet to premiere.


Dexter’s vengeance was shown at the conclusion of Season 8 when he avenged Debra Morgan’s death at Oliver Saxon/The Neurosurgeon’s hands. After he had taken her body, he buried her at sea under a hurricane. Dexter was believed to have drowned in the hurricane. However, he survived and was seen living far from Florida as a lumberjack. Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s lover and serial killer, was left to Hannah McKay.

It is not known what the plot of Dexter Season9 will be. Teasers revealed that Dexter would be working as an associate sales representative for Iron Lake’s fish and game supply firm. His assumed name is Jim Lindsay. We also know that he will face Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown), a man Variety called “the unofficial mayor” in the small town Iron Lake. He is living the American dream. His father drove big rigs and he now owns several trucks and a truck stop. He is strong, generous, and loved everyone. You are blessed if you have his back. God help you if you do cross Kurt or inflict harm on anyone Kurt cares about.

Only Michael C. Hall has been confirmed as the Dexter Season 9 cast member. John Lithgow will play the role of Arthur Mitchell/The Trinity Killer despite his passing in Season 4. Julia Jones plays Angela Bishop, Alano Mills as Iron Lake Police Sergeant Logan and as assistant wrestling coach Logan. Jamie Chung plays Molly the true-crime podcaster Molly. Oscar Wahlberg plays Zach, Johnny Sequoyah is Bishop’s daughter, and Jack Alcott as Randall.