Dexter Season 9

Dexter’s final season aired almost 10 years ago. But the Dexter obsession has not stopped. Dexter Season 9 will see the return of a well-known character after his death. Showtime has also announced the new roaster to the A-list star cast. Based on Jeff Lindsay’s thriller book series it follows the life and adventures of a forensic scientist, Michael C. Hall while he lives a life of crime as a serial killer.

Dexter has just completed its eighth season. The last season was highly acclaimed but received little positive feedback from fans and critics. Clyde Phillips was the showrunner and announced the return of the show with ten episodes. Let’s wait and see what the next run brings.

Dexter Season 9: What Should You Know

Showtime announced the end of Dexter in season 8. Dexter season 8, the premiere, was the most-watched episode in the series’ history. The series will return almost a decade after its last season. What is known about the plot of this series?

Dexter found himself living as a lumberjack, vengeance for his sister Debra Morgan’s death. He also buried Debra at sea during the hurricane. While it’s unclear what the plot will be for season 9, you can see from the teaser that Dexter is now working in New York as a sales associate for an import company of fish and games. More information will be available after the release of season 9.

Release Date Of Dexter Season 9

Dexter’s official release date is yet to be determined. However, teasers of the new season have been released and can be viewed on YouTube. According to reports production on season 9 will finish in July. The show will air in fall 2021.

Cast Of Dexter Season 9

Michael C Hall is set to reprise his role as Dexter. Julia Jones will portray the role as Iron Lake’s Native American Chief Police Officer. Jane Virgin Academy alum Alano Murphy will play Iron Lake PD sergeant. Jamie Chung is playing the role of a celebrity crime podcaster. The official cast for season 9 is not yet confirmed.

Dexter’s revival after a decade can be seen in the teasers and news. Many viewers were disappointed that Dexter’s 8th season ended messily. They expected better. This season will be a chance for the show to have a great end. Keep watching for information on Dexter as well as its release.