The streaming platform Netflix first introduced fans to the first season of Virgin River in 2019, quickly captivating many viewers. The romantic drama is an adaptation of the series of novels written by Robyn Carr.

Following the success of 2019, Netflix immediately renewed the romantic drama series Virgin River to produce season 2, which hit the streaming platform in recent days.

Virgin River season 2 consists of a total of 10 episodes; the second stage culminated impressively that the fans were all shocked after he shot Jack inside his bar.

As Virgin River fans know, the drama tells the story of a nurse named Mel, who moves from the city of Los Angeles to a small town in the north of the state of California, in search of a new life.

In the new place called Virgin River, Mel meets Jack, the owner of a small bar in the interior of the city, with whom he makes a friendship. Later, Mel realizes that in the new city, life is not quite as pretty as it appears to be.

At the end of Virgin River season 2, Jack’s supposed death shocked all viewers of the series. This left fans totally intrigued.

It turns out that Jack was shot and found by Mel in his bar, while he was lying on the floor. Fans believe that the one who shot Jack was an envoy from Calvin, the town’s drug dealer because the owner of the bar had spoken to a police officer named Mike.

But was it really Calvin and his people who shot Jack? Is he really dead? In this regard, Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney told Parade in an interview Jack is alive, according to the novel saga on which the series is based: