• Eric Bischoff reveals Vince McMahon and Joe Francis were interested in the magazine business

Eric Bischoff recently spoke on a new edition of his 83 weeks podcast, where he revealed an interesting story about WWE and, specifically, about Vince McMahon. The former CEO of SmackDown revealed that the chairman intended to buy the Playboy magazine business.

Joe Francis, known for being the founder of Girls Gone Wild, participated in a WWE television segment in which he invited Torrie Wilson to have a job at his company. Bischoff explained that thanks to that connection, Francis established a relationship with the McMahon family, and between him and Vince McMahon they were considering the idea of ​​taking over that business. We bring you the transcript of Bischoff’s statements, courtesy of wrestling.

“I connected Joe Francis and WWE to do a PPV show,” Bischoff stated. “I set up a meeting with Joe Francis and Linda McMahon because Vince was interested in buying Playboy and Joe Francis was also interested in buying Playboy for different reasons, so they both had different goals. They were both interested in the same property, so I got them together and Linda had a meeting with Joe in Los Angeles because of me.”

“Joe was all over the map. You would be in the middle of a conversation with Joe and you would think that you are talking about his Ferrari and in 6 or 8 seconds he is talking about something completely different. I am not friends with Joe, but I did business with him. In a way, I respect some of the things that he innovated. I haven’t talked to Joe in 15 years. I know he’s living in Mexico in a big mansion because you’ll see the Kardashians and a lot of people will go have fun with him. He still has that network in Hollywood of guys that he likes to have fun with because he can’t get into the United States without being arrested. ”