Vienna Blood Season 2

Vienna Blood is a British Austrian thrill ride arrangement. It was released in 2019. The principal season was truly valued by the crowd as it gives the vibes of Sherlock holmes.

What’s more, as we as a whole realize Sherlock Holmes is a standout amongst another arrangement of violations.

Release Date

It is not affirmed at this point about the new season, in any case, the arrangement has been adjusted from a novel and there will be going to be 6 sections.

The creation of Vienna blood season 2 has been begun in August 2020. The season will debut in the following year soon. Likewise, COVID may influence the shooting and it will be going to delay.


  • Mathew Beard as Max Liebermann
  • Jurgen Maurer as Oskar Reinhardt
  • Luise von Finckh as Clara
  • Jessica De Gouw as Amelia Lydgate
  • Amelia Bullmore as Rachel Liebermann
  • Conleth Hill as Mendel Liebermann


  • Charlene Mckena as Leah Liebermann
  • Oliver Stokowoski as Professor Gruner
  • Raphael von Bargen as Inspector von Bulow
  • Simon Hatzl as Police Commissioner Strasser
  • Josef Ellers as Sergeant Haussmann
  • Harald Windisch as Professor Matthias
  • Luis Aue as Daniel Liebermann
  • Ulrich Noethen as Graf von Triebenbach
  • Michael Niyavarani as Herr Bieber
  • Ursula Strauss as Juno Holderlin
  • Johanns kirsch as Major Julius Reisinger
  • Kathrin Beck as Madame Borek


Vienna Blood is set in 1906, It starts with the self-destruction of a female. The police gather all the proof and attempt to see if it is self-destruction or a homicide. Alongside it, Dr. Max examines the case as an afterthought.

He applies the study of analysis to the enemy of the person in question. With the advancement of the show, it gives the vibes of Sherlock holmes and minehunter.

In the subsequent season, it will be intriguing perceiving how things will turn.


The trailer of season 2 has not yet been released however will be out soon.