Most of us have grown accustomed to treating our dogs and cats as members of the family. And just like the humans in our families, our greatest wish is for our fur babies to live happy and healthy life. Your human family members likely have health insurance to ensure their long-term wellness, but why not your pets? Similar to human healthcare, veterinary care can be costly without proper coverage so it’s important to be prepared. If you have an uninsured pet, keep reading for more information on pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is health insurance for your furry friends. Any pet owner knows that accidents can happen with your pets at any time. Veterinary care for things like everyday illnesses to emergencies can cost you a lot of money throughout your pet’s life. Pet insurance will enable you to provide your pet with the best care possible without having to worry about the cost. Pet insurance companies operate by reimbursing you the majority of your pet’s medical bills after their visit. Having your pet covered can save you thousands of dollars on medical expenses over the course of your life.

What will it cost?

The cost of pet insurance will vary based on a few different factors. Dogs generally have a higher monthly premium than cats, however, this is depending on the breed of your dog. Some dog breeds cost more to insure than others. This is due to the higher risk of health problems that these breeds are more prone to. Age is also a factor when it comes to cost as older pets tend to be at a higher risk of developing certain health issues. Your geographical location will also play a factor in the price of your monthly premium due to the cost of care being higher in larger cities.

Similar to humans, you can also adjust the price of your monthly premium by selecting different deductible options. You can choose to pay more towards your covered vet bills before your cashback kicks in to decrease your monthly payments. Similarly, you can also adjust your annual coverage limit to lower your monthly premium.

Which vets will accept my insurance?

You may be used to having to choose your doctor from a network of health care providers that are approved under your health insurance plan. The good news is that this isn’t the case with pet insurance. Because pet insurance works off a reimbursement system, your vet will not be involved in the claim process. This means you are free to take your pet to whichever vet you entrust with your fur baby. Then once you have received the bill, simply submit it to your provider and you will be reimbursed.

What does it cover?

Pet insurance covers a wide range of diagnostics and treatment options. It will cover anything from testing and x-rays to emergency surgeries. If your pet happens to develop a chronic illness while they are under insurance, all the care and medications associated with their treatment will be covered. Some plans also include yearly wellness exam and vaccination costs. Plans with extensive coverage even include things like prescription diets and supplements. Things that are commonly not covered under insurance are elective procedures or things like grooming and boarding.

Do I qualify?

There is a good chance that your pet will qualify for pet insurance coverage. You may have trouble getting coverage if you have a pet with pre-existing conditions, but most if not all other pets will be able to qualify. However, it is important to note that some pet owners may have to shop around more to find a company that will provide coverage to their unique situation. For example, some providers will not offer coverage for certain dog breeds. Providers also often deny coverage to senior pets or puppies and kittens. If you are struggling to find an insurance company that will insure your pet, check out Pumpkin pet insurance. Pumpkin is a provider that doesn’t deny coverage based on breed and age. They even have packages specifically for puppies and kittens for their first six months of life, so check them out if you are raising a little one. And for senior pets, Pumpkin vows to not reduce coverage with age which often happens with pet insurance.

If you have a pet that qualifies for pet insurance, get started building an online quote today. Once you receive a quote for a plan that works for you and your pet, you can purchase the coverage online as well. Don’t delay getting insurance for your pet because you never know what life could throw at you and your furry friends. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to our rambunctious little family members!