Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Indian women’s hockey team, led by Rani Rampal, will be playing the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time. He has achieved this feat by defeating World No. 2 Australia.

What I didn’t even think happened. There was also hope from the men’s team, but the Indian girls stung them without any hope. The flag of India was raised in the Maha Kumbh of the Games held in Japan. Achieved a position in the Tokyo Olympics which was never seen before. India’s women’s hockey team, led by Rani Rampal, will be seen playing the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time. She has achieved this feat for the world No. 2 and 3-time Olympic champion Australia team. defeated and achieved.

Women’s hockey debuted for the first time in the 1980 Olympics. Indian women were at number four in that Olympics. After that 36 years later, Indian women qualified for the Olympics in Rio. However, there she could not win a single match and remained in the last position. But instead of repeating history, Indian girls in Tokyo seem to be writing a different story by changing it.

face Argentina in the semi-finals

After defeating Australia in the quarter-finals in front of Rani Rampal’s team, the next big challenge is in the semi-finals, where they are going to face Argentina. Argentina’s team defeated Germany 3-0 in the quarter-finals and booked a ticket to the semi-finals. The semi-final match between India and Argentina will be held on August 4. Argentina’s challenge will not be easy for India, the main reason for this is its attacking game and world ranking, in which it is above India. But, the way Indian women have been seen dusting their opponents with their sticks, it is clear that now they too will agree to fight.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Beating Australia boosted spirits

After defeating 3-time Olympic and 2-time world champion Australia, the spirits of the Indian women’s hockey team have been raised anyway. Australia’s women’s hockey team was unbeaten on the group stage. He scored 13 goals while winning 5 out of 5 matches, while ate only 1 goal. On the other hand, Indian women had registered only 2 out of 5 victories in the group stage. At the same time, 7 goals were scored, while he had eaten double i.e. 14. But, despite this, the whole world saw how India’s women’s hockey team played in the quarter-finals. He wrote a new story with his hockey stick and changed everyone’s thinking.