Titans Season 3

A recent behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Titans season 3 has struck social media, giving fans a glimpse of Raven and Blackfire’s hottest outfits. Based on the DC Comics superhero group Teen Titans, the first two seasons of Titans had originally aired on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming platform before making its way across to HBO Max. Applauded by lovers for its dark and gritty take on a franchise more known for the lighter tone of its animated incarnations, since the series has developed it has gradually edged ever closer to its comic-book roots for its character’s costume designs.

Rachael Roth, a.k.a. Raven, daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon, has been played by Australian actress Teagan Croft since the show’s debut in 2018. Meanwhile, the character of Blackfire, sister to Anna Diop’s Starfire, is played with Damaris Lewis who only temporarily joined the cast in season 2. While Blackfire’s controversial relationship with her sister was just fast hinted at during the previous season, the show finale strongly suggested that the Tamaranean villain would come to play a significant role throughout season 3.

Thanks to a recent article from Twitter user Dewucme, a photo from the set of season 3 gives fans a glimpse of their characters’ appearances in the show. While Damaris Lewis’ Blackfire appears to be completely decked out in the conventional Tamaranean armor shared back in February, Teagan Croft’s Raven seems to get the full-length cloak her comic personality is famous for. Check out the original Tweet below:

Although it isn’t completely clear from the picture whether Raven’s new cloak has her trademark hood, it has been a feature in some of her oldest costumes on the series, so it is most likely pretty likely. As for Blackfire, her armored look is certainly very close to what fans of both the comics and animated series will expect from a live-action variant of the character. While reproducing a faithful live-action variant of a comic book costume is almost always a challenging task, there are no denying the showrunners seem increasingly intent on attracting the characters as near as they can for their first appearances.

Within the past few months, the show’s own Twitter accounts has additionally given fans a formal appearance at the Starfire’s and Red Hood’s new costumes, each of which seems to be lifted almost straight from the pages of the source material. Given that Starfire’s costume style, in particular, attracted some criticism during season 3, evidence would suggest that the showrunners now seem intent on giving fans what they need. Titans season three has been verified for an August release on HBO Max.