Titans Season 3

Titans star, Curran Walters, reveals a close-up look at Red Hood’s detailed costume and emblem for season 3. The live-action series started on DC Universe in 2018 as part of the online service’s goal to become a hub for first DC content, but it’s presently in production before a season 3 introduction exclusively on HBO Max. The release platform changing will not affect the creative side of the show at all, allowing the string to continue telling the story it set up from the ending of Titans season 2. This included Dick Grayson formally becoming Nightwing, Wonder Girl dying, and Jason Todd departing the Titans behind.

The departure of Jason Todd in the Titans will not prevent him from being a part of Titans season 3. The former Robin and fellow Batman trainee will adhere to the comics and embrace the Red Hood individuality. DC has already shared promotional pictures of Walters in the Red Hood costume, and the fan response to the live-action lawsuit has been quite positive. Walters has continued to nourish Titans’ lovers with much more teases of Jason Todd’s new appearance, which continues as production on the third season keeps rolling.

Titans Season 3

Walters shared a close-up look at Red Hood’s costume on his Instagram story which offers a great look at the detailed texture of the lawsuit and its logo. The young star shared the image of the Red Hood match whilst apparently in between takes about a night shoot for Titans season 3. It provides the closest look yet at the costume, as preceding glimpses of this suit were partially covered by a coat that Walters is not wearing here.

This newest look at Red Hood’s costume for Titans season 3 shows more great work in the costume department for its series. Although there was a criticism of how some characters were created out the gate, the series does traditionally have some leading suits. Red Hood’s look unites the likes of Brenton Thwaites’ Nightwing suit, Esai Morales’ Deathstroke match, along with others as having good layouts and details and being loyal to the comics.

After seeing more of the Red Hood suit, enthusiasts continue to grow anxious to learn more on Titans season 3 and other potential costume reveals. Anna Diop’s new Starfire costume was previously shown, but there is a chance that Barbara Gordon could suit up as Batgirl to get a flashback. Fans are also certain to see Tim Drake suit up as Robin when he debuts and see another live-action take on Scarecrow. As good as the images have been far, hopefully, it will not be long before a Titans season 3 trailer arrives and gives fans an opportunity to see the various superhero outfits in action.