For those of you who like simple but still fun gameplay, you can try the Bubble Shooter game. A game that looks trivial but it turns out that many novice players fail to win in this one game. There are many more simple games but quite difficult to win.

Tips for Playing Bubble Shooter

1. Shot Accuracy

This bubble shooting game will really test the extent of your accuracy in shooting the right one on target.

The bubbles you shoot will only pop if you can shoot at least 3 or more bubbles of the same color. If your shot misses, you will collect more and more bubbles of different colors, the distance will be shorter.

Well, so the first secret you can beat this game is about the accuracy of the shots you make. The more accurate and precise the shots you make, the more bubbles will pop. You will win the game faster.

2. Relax but Focus

Shooting bubbles does look simple, but you can’t rush this game.

The secret to success in winning this game is that you can still play casually, but focus on the right direction of the shot. If you play in the free levels, you can practice as accurately as possible how to aim your shots to hit more than 3 bubbles.

3. Thorough and Concentration

If you don’t pay close attention to color, you can mistake the color you see as the same but turn out to be different.

Concentrate and pay attention to the colors you will aim the shot at. Especially if at the beginning of the game you are pretty good at directing shots, you have to keep the rhythm of this game so that additional bubbles do not appear which are increasingly difficult to remove.

4. Pay Attention to the Parallel Lines of the Shooting Tool

When concentrating and focusing on aiming your shot at the bubbles, you also need to pay attention to the parallel lines that limit the gun or cannon in your game. You can’t cross this line. Code pointer alert of danger. Well, if you pass, then be prepared to risk losing.

So, even though it looks simple by shooting, this game still tests the foresight and focus of the player’s attention. If you feel that you are often careless in your focus and concentration, you can practice more in the free version of the bubble game.

5. Increase the Practice of Shooting Accuracy

If you are careful enough to observe the color and arrangement of the bubbles that you will shoot, then the accuracy of the shot is the next key for you to be successful in winning this game competition.

How to? you have to practice often. If you are already trained, then it’s not just 3, you can shoot several colored bubbles at once so that the game will be faster for you to win.

6. Play Maximum Early in the Game

If you want to quickly finish off the bubbles of one color in your game, you should start with a good game performance from the start.

Otherwise, more and more bubbles of different colors will appear. Well, the more the number, the harder it will be for you to find a similar color.

So play to the maximum from the beginning of the game so that there is no buildup of different colors that are increasingly difficult for you to shoot.

7. Maximizing the Power Up Rewind Function

Although somewhat like a classic game, Bubble Shooter also has advantages and fun features in playing.

One of them is power up. What are the power-ups in Bubble Shooter? One of them is the rewind power-up, whose function is to change the color of your bubble to another color.

This feature will help you have alternatives in shooting in different directions. The appearance of other colors will help you make it easier to calculate bubbles of the same color.

Maximize the function of this button by staying focused and careful with every available bubble color.

8. Optimize Fireball Features

In addition to the power-up rewind feature, there is also a fireball. This feature is even more exciting and you can optimize it to win.

Fireball lets you pop all the colored bubbles in a row at once. It’s really fun isn’t it and will make matching colors easier for you to shoot and collect. Make the best of it if you get this feature to destroy the colors that are blocking the shot.

9. Maximize Also the Power Up Bomb Function

Another additional power of this game that can help you achieve victory faster is the bomb.

What is the function of this bomb? Almost the same as a fireball, namely destroying bubbles either the same color or different.

So what’s the difference with a fireball? In this bomb, the power of the shot is only on the line of bubble circles according to the direction of the shoot you make. Although not as good as fireball, this feature can still help you to finish the game faster.

10. Power Up Wildbubble

The next additional power that you can maximize to win this bubble shooting game is the wild bubble power-up.

The power of this feature is more powerful than previously described. Using the power of this will bubble lets you turn all the bubbles in a row into the same color.

Not only does the color become the same, but after the color of the bubbles changes to the same, you will also immediately be able to shoot and destroy all the bubbles.

Isn’t this will bubble really cool? All the available power-ups will help you enjoy the fun of playing more. The game will be more colorful and you can stay relaxed while enjoying it.

11. Learn Tips from Master

Although not as famous as other games, there are still many lovers of this relaxing game. You can learn from those who often get the highest score in this game.

Watch how the strategy plays this game from the start. You can find many tips and tricks for this game in Youtube videos or online articles. Find the trick, learn it, and immediately put it into practice for a more exciting game.

Playing Bubble Shooter online will really help you save more useful digital assets. If you think this game is simple and easy for you to play, then it’s a good opportunity for you to play and often win.