In August 2014 the world lost Robin Williams , the legendary actor and comedian who starred in most of our childhood movies. He was not only the actor of Mrs. Doubtfire , The Indomitable Will Hunting and The Dead Poets Club , many of his companions remember him for his generosity and good character on the set. This, at least, is how Bradley Pierce , who played Peter Shepherd in Jumanji , sees him .

In an interview with People , Pierce recalled his experience recording with the legendary interpreter and revealed that he looked after the well-being of the younger actors , especially when the production team wanted to make them work longer than allowed. As you will remember, the protagonists have to face a monsoon that practically floods their house. Pierce recalls that it was an especially tough scene to shoot and it had already been eight hours in the water tank when the crew wanted to shoot some more, something Williams flatly refused.

As you can imagine, few had the power to do what Williams did. “For all the cost, no one else could have stood up like he did. Besides being very warm, generous and kind, he was also very protective. He told everyone ‘We’re done for today, time to go home. ‘ . Thanks to him, both Pierce and Kirsten Dunst were able to rest and come back another day full of energy.

The mark that Robin Williams left in the cinema is profound. The main idea of the new Jumanji trilogy was to be able to honor the actor’s memory and, for now, Welcome to the Jungle and Next Level have succeeded.