The selection of Team India for five T20 matches against England took place on Saturday night, so the names of 19 players were included in it. The names of 13 players are such that even a child in your locality would tell them before the selection, because those players are regularly part of Team India in T20 format. The return of Rishabh Pant, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Akshar Patel was also not surprising, but the three players who were selected for Team India for the first time were also not at all shocked. Rather it was expected since the end of IPL 2020. What can be better than the IPL in the selection of Team India for T20 format?

The selection of Suryakumar Yadav, Ishaan Kishan and Rahul Teotia in Team India may have been done simultaneously, at one time and by a selection committee, but the journey of these three players is absolutely different and interesting. Yadav of Mumbai was always on the waiting list for many years. His ticket was never confirmed because another player would join the team through VIP quota.

At the same time, Kishan was selected for a general quota of railway reservations. He was knocked out for a long time, also played brilliantly in IPL. Just before selection, Vijay Hazare Trophy hit 173 off 93 balls to warn the selectors that if they are not selected then cricket lovers will create a ruckus. However, unlike these two, Rahul Teotia got a confirmed ticket in the immediate reservation. This was due to a bang in the IPL last year or, say, West Indies’ superb bowler Sheldon Cottrell’s unforgettable attempt to hit 5 sixes in an over.

In the last 5 years, whenever the Indian team was going to be selected, calls and messages of good wishes from journalists, fellow players, former players used to come to Surya Kumar. The lift man, the people of the street, the relatives of far-flung people also felt that the wait for Yadav was coming to an end. But the selectors do not include him in the team. This Surya Kumar Yadav, who is not disappointed by the stubborn attitude of the past selectors, has the same energy as the sun, which has not allowed this player’s light to fade away. Now the time has come to show the whole world a glimpse of his talent with that light.

In the modern era, many countries have started the practice of creating separate teams for completely different formats for T20s, but the Indian selectors seemed to be surrounded by the same traditionalist thought till today. Yadav’s selection shows that the new selection committee, headed by Chetan Sharma, is forming the team keeping in mind the T20 World Cup in October, and not giving an opportunity to the old names on the basis of credibility.

For 8 consecutive years, in the IPL, this batsman has started the innings at number 3 in the top order and sometimes at the top of the innings, that his average is 30 after about 100 matches. But a strike rate of close to 135 sets him apart from the crowd. Alam is that in this case he is better than Kohli, Dhawan and Rohit Sharma, and twenty more than players like Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal, Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson who have been involved in white ball cricket for India in the last few years. Have been done.

I would like to remind you of the moment when Yadav smashed Rohit Sharma’s 98-run innings in the IPL 2015 match with his 20-ball light as he had 5 sixes in his 46 runs! In the last 8 years, Suryakumar has made a journey of 70 lakh to 3.2 crore bid in APIL on the basis of his brilliant game but in real sense the real journey of his cricket life has started by joining Team India.

If Surya Kumar comes from the famous house of Mumbai then Ishaan Kishan from Jharkhand. Whatever players came from that state, it starts to be compared to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, knowingly or unknowingly. In such a situation, if someone is a talented wicket-keeper batsman like Dhoni, who can change the attitude of a match at any time with his bat, then everyone will see him as the next Dhoni. But the benefit will be less loss and so far this has happened with Kishan.

However, Dhoni has now said goodbye to international cricket and it will be said to be a very interesting coincidence that the wheel of time is also spinning in a unique way. Another wicket-keeper-batsman coming from the same Jharkhand has finally entered his talent into Team India, changing his performance. By the way, not only Dhoni, in the last IPL, Kishan proved his greatest rival Rishabh Pant also nineteen on the batting front.

It is a matter of coincidence that no one else has recognized Kishan’s talent for the first time at the national level, but Pant’s childhood coach Tariq Sinha. In 2016, when Rahul Dravid played an important role in getting Kishan to captain the Under 19 team, then it was realized that even though Kishan does not have the extraordinary ability of Dhoni, he has the ability to write his luck. So far in 6 years of first class cricket and 4 years of IPL, Kishan has indicated on several occasions that in Indian cricket he too cannot be completely ignored as Dhoni’s successor.

The story of Rahul Tewatia of Haryana is very different from Yadav and Kishan. He used to be an anonymous player in domestic cricket. He was not able to make a regular place in his state team. In the IPL, he was counted as a time-pass player. During the IPL trading window in December 2019, Delhi Capitals by-bought him and he moved to Rajasthan Royals.

His local scouts Talent Sairaj Bahule and Amol Mazumdar were instrumental in bringing Rajasthan Royals, but the role of new Rajasthan Royals head coach Andrew Macdonald was also instrumental in revolutionizing Tewatia’s game. Seeing Tewatia batting during net practice in the UAE, he assured his captain that the boy is a fighter and can win matches in difficult circumstances.

Just like a fairy tale, Tevatiya’s story was first seen in the IPL and it was not even 6 months since he became a part of Team India. Hopefully, he will once again surprise everyone from his perspective.