The first preview from the fourth season on Netflix of “The Sinner”, an American police series starring actor Bill Pullman was made public today via social networks. It will premiere next October.

Entertainment Weekly reported that delivery will lead to a new criminal investigation. Although there will not be one central character this time, it will have a choral cast.
That is how it appeared that Harry Ambrose (Pullman), the troubled detective, would be found in the story. He’ll be traveling to Maine to visit his partner Sonya (Jessica Hecht), and hope to get over the exhausting cases in the past years.

The investigation is interrupted by an unanticipated tragic event involving the daughter from the Muldoons. They are a prominent family on the island.

The cast of the next installment will include Frances Fisher (“Watchmen”) and Alice Kremelberg (“The Chicago 7 Trial”) along with Neal Huff (“Mare of Easttown”) Cindy Cheung (“House of Cards”) and Ronin Woong (“The Man in the High Castle”).

Along with Charlie Gogolak, Michelle Purple, and Derek Simonds as executive producers, Jessica Biel will be back as showrunners for the second season.