Netflix’s Secret Order was a breakthrough in the werewolf theme and a year later, the company released the next season of 10 episodes. In order not to miss out on the benefits of the successful project, Netflix announced a sequel. According to preliminary data, the release date of season 3 “The Secret Order” is scheduled for September 2021.

In the center of the events of the series is the young man Jack Morton, who, after the death of his mother, is going to avenge his enemies for her. After settling in college, Jack becomes a member of a secret organization that operates directly in the college. The life of a young man changes from that moment. He learns a lot about the dark forces, becomes involved in the war of werewolves and magicians.

In the second season, viewers were shocked by the death of the key character Alyssa. She dies as a result of a werewolf attack, and Vera is deprived of magical abilities and cannot revive Alice. In the same part, the Holy Knights again appear, whose memories were blocked in the previous season. The werewolves led by Morton deal with the order, but are forced to join the confrontation between the student Alyssa Drake, who is seeking the opportunity for people to study magic, and the Blue Rose of Vera Stone.

Alissa’s activities are hampered by feelings for Jack. At the end of the season, everyone despises Alyssa for her intention to dispense with spells without sacrifice. She is able to cause cataclysms leading to the apocalypse. But when she, instead of fighting Vera, decides to cooperate with her, it will be possible to stop the uprising of demons.

As a result, Alyssa sees Vera and a spell that stops cataclysms becomes available to her. The situation is stabilized thanks to the fusion of knowledge and power, but Alyssa is attacked by a werewolf.

The Secret Order season 3 Release Date

In the new season, Jack will renew the secret organization, Alyssa will heal the wounds inflicted, but now her powers are negative. Vera will want to get the magic back by agreeing to many compromises. Lillith, taken from the demons, will attract new storylines and support heroes. The release date of season 3 of the fantasy drama The Secret Order is scheduled for September 2021.