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Online casino is one of the most profitable industries in the digital world. The latest survey shows that the CAGR or the Compound Annual Growth Rate reached 10.9%, equivalent to US $61.5 billion in the betting market as of 2021. Due to its rapid rise, It is predicted that it might skyrocket by 2021 and might reach US $114.4 billion, which only proves how lucrative this business is.


iGaming, or online gambling, is a casino that can be played online using any modern gadget, including smartwatches. Virtual punters prefer betting using their smartphones because it is handy. As long as there is a strong internet connection, wagering using a tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch gives the player the freedom to wager in a convenient way.

What iGaming offer?

Gambling online is currently all the rage because, as mentioned, players can wager anytime and anywhere; hence they are in control at their convenience. The following are additional reasons for its fame:


The online casino is known for its huge Return to Player (RTP) and bonuses that they offer to its players. Numerous bonuses are also offered on most gaming sites, and benefits like seasonal coupons (depending on the site), tournaments, and others. 

Variety of casino games

Games in online casinos vary on the type of software available on the site. Each site can have two or more software depending on the demand of the players. Each gaming software has a unique way of presenting its games which players experience through their awesome graphics and audio, and themes. 

Influence of Technology

State-of-the-art technology plays a big role in online casinos for a more impressive wagering experience. Online casino sites are convenient for the following: 

  • Augmented Reality

Players can use AR using any of their gadgets by placing their preferred environment in their game for a more phantasmagorical experience. 

  • Virtual Reality

VR is recommended for active players who prefer to interact with other players and croupiers who are likewise immersed in the digital world.. VR offers a bigger scope of betting online by feeling the ambiance of a real casino using a 360-degree camera, especially augmented goggles, and controls.

  • Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is perfect for players whose gadgets are not yet 5G or have not upgraded yet. You see, casino sites constantly update to cope with the fast-paced technology. Players don’t need to download the gaming application because they can play in the cloud.

The Live Casino

Also known as the live dealer, live casino is part of the package of most betting sites, but it is still advised to check the site before making a deposit because some may not have one. Since the live dealer is the most sought-after, most betting sites do their best to offer their players an outstanding wagering experience.

In a live casino, a human croupier accommodates the player and will be presented with table games, roulette, and real cards like blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. The ambiance copies the environment of the real casino to make the virtual punters feel the atmosphere of the house of gambling. The game is done live and in real-time based on the location of the live casino. Players also have the opportunity to communicate with other players from anywhere in the world. Communication is done thru chatterbot, which can be found on the platform of the site.

The Deposit Methods of the Online Casino

The payment method is very important to all betting sites because it is where players deposit money to the site and withdraw winning. Its banking affiliates should be trustworthy for the players as well as the operator.

  1. Debit/Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

Debit/Credit cards are, without a doubt, most preferred by all betting sites and still the number one asked by the majority. Visa and Mastercard are preferred leading credit cards as well as the player’s bank account as long as it is available on the site’s favorable financial institute. 

  1. Digital Wallet

Also known as an e-wallet, it helps users modify their spending and payment option. E-wallet also assists in bank transfers, bill payments, government payments, and other institutions and business sectors available in the platform. E-wallets go well with other gadgets, particularly smartphones. 

Here are the following e-wallets: 

  • Zimpler

Zimpler is a mobile payment option founded by a Swedish fintech company in 2016. It is an instant bank payment solution that assists in monetary transactions such as deposits and withdrawals in an online casino. Zimpler kasinot or Casino Zimpler provides convenience to the bettors because they don’t have to download the application. They simply have to type Zimpler on their mobile phone and type their affiliate bank (OmaSP, OP Bank, S Bank, Danske Bank, POP Bank, Haldensnanken, Aktia, Bank of Aland, Savings Bank, Nordea Bank), their bank account number and a random code will be sent to the player. Use this code to complete the transaction. 

  • Paypal

Paypal is the pioneer of all digital wallets. Founded by an American company in 1998 and bought by eBay in 2002, it gained many awards because of its dependability and efficiency. 

  • Skrill

It was called a Money booker before. This e-wallet assures fast and efficient transactions, which is it is trusted by many. 

  • Neteller

Another best payment option that is tested for its reliability, Neteller also assures safety in cash transactions and efficiency. 

  1. Bank Transfer

This method allows players to transfer cash to any bank or institution worldwide. This is very convenient for players who don’t have credit cards. Known bank transfers are:

  • InstaDebit
  • iDeal
  • Echeck
  • Wire Transfer
  1. Mobile Payments

Payment using a mobile account is one of the convenient ways for players to bet because the site will ask only for the bettors phone number, and voila! They can automatically wager instantly. Deposits and other monetary transactions between the player and the casino site will go directly to the statement of account and will be reflected in the next bill. 

  1. Cryptocurrency

Another great way for players to enjoy betting without revealing their identity is Cryptocurrency. All Altcoins use Blockchain technology to encrypt the data of the player, making them anonymous.

Final thoughts:

Betting online guarantees safety and convenience in terms of money transfer and wagering. It is so comfortable that some lose control. Responsible wagering is still strongly advised, even if it is done virtually.