Kevin Schwantz the 1993 500cc world champion with Suzuki has offered a particular point of view from the experience of some of the dangers that Marc Márquez runs

if he takes too long to reappear. If there is someone who can get back where he was, is Marc Márquez. But this is his first major injury and probably once more has been away from the bike since he was a child. The longer you are without drive the more will cost you back said the official MotoGP website. When I was active and at one point I couldn’t drive while the others were running.

I was ever gone for more than a month. it would take me a long time to get back to the level I was used to physically and mentally. I always noticed that it took me three times as long to get back into shape as he was known in Spain

Suddenly you are five seconds slower because your head is not even used to everything that happens at 320 km / h. He needs time, “says Kevin, winner of 25 Grand Prix in the queen displacement.

Livio Suppo, Marc’s former boss at Repsol Honda, has no doubts. I think Marc will go back to what he was before. He physically returns to 100% I don’t think this incident will affect his ability to go fast. Marc has shown that he is one of those riders who can be fast immediately after a bad crash and I don’t think a one-year stop has rusted him that much.