The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom is one of the best TV shows on Netflix, offering an answer to HBO’s Game of Thrones. What do we know about The Last Kingdom season 5?

One of the downsides of The Last Kingdom is that production is quite quiet about things. We never actually get to understand when or where production is filming, helping to keep spoilers to a minimum.

Below we share everything we know about The Last Kingdom season 5 release date.

How Many Seasons Of The Last Kingdom Are There?

At this time, there are four seasons of this period drama available on Netflix. Each season covers two novels in the Bernard Cornwell series called The Saxon Chronicles.

Is Season 5 Of The Last Kingdom Going To Happen?

Good news! The Last Kingdom season 5 is officially happening. The renewal came soon after the fourth season fell on Netflix in April 2020. The season must adapt the ninth and 10th novels in Cornwell’s series.

There are not any word yet on whether this will be the final season or not. Hopefully, Netflix continues to revive the series to operate through all 13 novels in The Saxon Chronicles.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

How Many Episodes Are In The Last Kingdom Season 5?

After renewing the show, Netflix affirmed that there would be 10 episodes in the season. This follows the pattern of the two previous Netflix-only seasons. The first two seasons just had eight episodes every because of becoming a BBC production.

When Is The Last Kingdom Season 5 Filming?

There’s more good news, Arselings! The Last Kingdom season 5 is presently filming.

This is one of those productions which keeps things very silent. It is helpful to avoid fans showing up at locations and spoiling some big moments.

The show was hit by the pandemic, forcing a few delays in filming. We do not get to know how long filming has been abandoned, but now and again, a number of those cast members will fall clues on social networking.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Usually, we would say a show will take 14 months roughly between seasons. Sometimes, it can take a bit longer, but not usually too much.

That’s not been the situation for shows lately. The coronavirus pandemic has a great deal to answer for. It is slowed down and, in some instances, halted filming. That means a whole lot of launch dates have been pushed back.

We all know right now is that The Last Kingdom season 5 is not coming from April 2021. It probably will not arrive in May either. There has been no pattern to release dates on Netflix to even get an idea as to when it may arrive.

There are a chance that the season may arrive mid-to-late 2021. It can be ancient 2022 based on how filming moves. It is a series we’ll be keeping a close watch on.