Having a YouTuber and gamer like TheGrefg and Pablo Motos on the same set is like putting an elephant in a china shop. The presenter noticed this at the beginning of El Hormiguero, he had no idea what that of a YouTuber is and the objective of TheGrefg being in El Hormiguero was none other than to meet those who for weeks-since El Rubius opened Pandora’s box- are on everyone’s lips. That was the goal for the gallery because, in reality, the goal of TheGrefg being last night at El Hormiguero and sitting in front of Pablo MotosIt has its own name, it is called Andorra.

Yes, of course, Pablo Motos used the first minutes of the interview for the YouTuber to expand and tell him what it is about being a YouTuber, what his job is, how much time he dedicates, what that profession is about, and all those things that have so much abyss created from one generation to another, or rather, from several generations to one, to that of the boys and girls who dream of being the new TheGrefg, the new Rubius or the new YouTuber who is leaving Spain for Andorra, so now we all know, although we always knew, for money. And I don’t say it, nor do I take it out of my sleeve, TheGrefg himself said if there is something to praise him in the interview last night, it is his sincerity.

If there was something that surprised Pablo Motos last night, it was how well furnished TheGrefg’s head is. More than by TheGrefg because of the ignorance that those generations have about them. Anyone who has a child in full puberty at home knows what I’m talking about. At the moment I don’t have it, but you only need to read a little to be aware that if a few decades ago you asked a 13 or 14-year-old boy who he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell you which footballer, and if you ask him now he will probably say you want to be a YouTuber, that you want to be like TheGrefg or like El Rubius.

It’s like when they said before I want to be a footballer and now they tell you I want to be a YouTuber because the concept is they have a lot of money and they do little, but to be here today I have been training for 9 years. Let no one bet on this from the beginning because it is very difficult to get there. I always say that people fulfill their obligations, train, and then decide “Why does it not seem that the person speaking is a YouTuber? Well, he is.

You can agree more or less with what he said, you can admire or denounce that of residing in Andorra to pay fewer taxes, you can crucify or applaud them, but what cannot be denied is that last night in El Hormiguero TheGrefg said what he came to say, what he knew he had to say. And what he came to say is that that of going to Andorra is nothing new and that the culprits that are now on everyone’s lips are none other than the media. Yes, as you read it the media that have criminalized us the media that have come after us, the media that have gone to put shit on us the media of communication the only culprits.

How are they going to have a fault which has been bundled with the YouTuber and Andorra own YouTuber or the tax advantages or the tax in another country? How is it going to be the fault that they are now in the center of the bullseye that going to another country is not morally accepted by all? How can it be the fault of the one who has become involved that by the words of one of them the whole cake has now been discovered?

No, the culprits for a change the media that have gone after them by the bag and have forgotten what the real debate is, what the real problem is. And which one is it? Well, TheGrefg is clear about it, the problem is not who goes to another country to pay fewer taxes, the problem is that the issue of Andorra must be addressed in that everyone can live, reside and pay taxes wherever they want. Hey, what a reason he doesn’t lack! Everyone is free, within the law, to do what is best for them. Now doing what is best for you, sometimes it is moral and other time other times, of course not.


These days a moral debate has been opened in which we will never agree. The media have gone to hell with us and put shit on us. I do not know if why. Maybe it is that they see us as competition, but they have come after us. Now anyone can do their job wherever they want. I think it will be a very positive point if the debate is focused so that those who leave are attracted to come back.

focused on the YouTuber, but the real debate is this. But as long as you keep saying only the kids who are leaving, you will not advance in anything and more criminalizing, because they have come after us. Is it clear? The debate is not whether it is right or wrong for you to go to another country to reside because there you pay less than in the country where you were born what nonsense, please the debate It is because if the media points and points to those who are leaving, the essence of the debate is lost, I don’t know whether those who are leaving, the essence of the debate is lost, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If there really were no problem with someone taking the gear and going to reside in a country with more tax benefits than yours, after the statements of El Rubius, the one that has been involved would not have been involved. It is appreciated the sincerity of TheGrefg, it is always preferable to someone who is facing you, even if you do not agree with him, than someone who tries to minimize reality. TheGrefg last night at El Hormiguero did not want to minimize anything. He was very clear and very direct People believe that Andorra is Youtuberland. The kids ask their parents to go to Andorra to see the YouTuber. I think that nothing more needs to be said. Everyone is free to reside and pay taxes where they please but this is Youtuberland. Nothing more to say, Your Honor.

Do you understand that there are people who get mad at you? Pablo Motos asked him, playing a good cop more than a bad cop – the bad cop would come out. The answer is a whole declaration of intentions It is a totally valid opinion, as it is also valid that we are there. To live in Andorra and pay taxes in Andorra you have to be half the year. I was indeed motivated by a fiscal reason, for money, but now I’m there and I have friends, I like it But Spain is also a fantastic country.

Of course! He had to say Spain is different or some similar phrase. Actually, what TheGrefgWhat I wanted to say is that, although he was born and raised in Murcia, a few years ago he went to Andorra because he was going to pay fewer taxes. That at first he left for the money, but now he lives there and has formed a life there, which does not mean that he does not believe that Spain is one of the best countries in the world, but in Spain, you have to pay more. And this is the controversy and this is the debate.

Youtuber are not the only professions that decide to go to Andorra. There are web developers, professional poker players. Anyone whose profession allows him to work wherever he wants. But more than those in Andorra is to think that whoever has a job who can choose where to live is because his job It allows. Balls-out. But then there was a ball that he did score.

It was thrown by Pablo Motos, who for a few seconds pushed the good cop away and let the bad cop in, and it was a full-fledged triple. Although TheGrefghe knew very well how to get out of the rut. In fact, it went too well as if he knew the play Pablo Motos had prepared. Nor was it very difficult to guess because all the strategies have been there since that day that El Rubius decided that everything would explode into the air I have not seen El Rubius in Andorra but it will surely have been well received to a good understanding.


If you had to undergo a liver transplant, where would you go? Spain or Andorra? Come on if you pay taxes in Andorra but you get sick do you stay in Andorra or do you return to Spain even though what you pay does not pay for Spanish Healthcare? Few expected the answer surely no one Last year I suffered an inguinal hernia, and there are indeed many people who prefer to go to Barcelona for surgery but I decided to have surgery in Andorra because I am paying taxes there. Whoosh Perhaps you do not agree very much that the culprits of which you have been involved are the media. Maybe if things had gone differently, she wouldn’t have gotten so fat. But I can’t help but applaudTheGrefg with this answer. In fact, this is the answer that would end all controversy the problem is that what he answered he and four others do.

Indeed, if you pay taxes in Andorra you enjoy what Andorra gives you with those taxes you pay. The problem is not that a YouTuber is going to reside in Andorra because he wants to pay fewer taxes. The problem is that the YouTuber goes to Andorra to pay less, but returns to Spain when he leaves the gig to enjoy the benefits of the taxes that the YouTuber did not want to pay. And it is not a question only of YouTuber of course not it is of everyone who does not want to pay so many taxes, who do not want to be bled but do want to have what those taxes pay which by the way, we pay those who We do reside in Spain and we do pay taxes in Spain.

That is the debate, that is the controversy and that is why YouTubers are now in the spotlight. That the media are sometimes very heavy it cannot be denied, but if we weren’t heavy maybe TheGrefg wouldn’t have had the opportunity last night to be in El Hormiguer, much less to be able to give their version to be able to tell its reality and, above all, to point out the guilty. Or is it that in the end, you are not doing the same thing you are complaining about? There is something that can be agreed on and that is that the debate would have to go much further, but they are the ones who have opened the ban.