Some disturbing news is coming to 2021. According to creator Mike Flanagan, Netflix does not plan to release a third installment of the Hauntings of… series. The Haunting of Bly manor was a ghost story, while 2018 brought The Haunting of Hill House. Flanagan continues to tell spooky stories. The latest installment is based on Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. It introduces us to Dani Clayton (Victoria Pedretti), a governess who takes care of the Wingrave’s, two orphaned children with secretive secrets.

Many were left wondering about the future of the third season after they had seen all nine episodes. Flanagan has just posted his latest comments on another episode in the Haunting of…franchise.

A third season is not in the works.

The popularity of The Haunting of… has been overwhelming. However, season 3 is still not in doubt. rumors of a third season were squashed by Flanagan on December 23. Flanagan replied to a fan’s question by saying, “At this moment there are no plans for additional chapters.” We will continue to work on other @intrepid projects in 2021, so we won’t be surprised if things change. We will let everyone know if things change! Intrepid is his production company, Intrepid Pictures.

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Flanagan’s tweet was the first sign that there was still hope for a third season. Fans had to wait for season 2 in February 2019, four months after the debut of The Haunting of Hill House. Variety reported that Netflix had signed an extensive multi-year agreement with show creator Mike Flanagan, and executive producer Trevor Macy when the series was renewed. This means that the streaming service is open to other seasons or projects by the creators of the show.

Season 3 would likely be connected to both Hill House and Bly Manor.

Each season has a different horror location but there is a lot of commonality between them. Several cast members are returning to the show who could be involved in the third season, including Henry Thomas, Pedretti, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Also, Carla Gugino and Kate Siegel, Flanagan’s real-life spouses. Thomas said that although none of the OG cast members are signed up for season 3, he told “the stories in the Hauntinguniverse are endless.”

Flanagan stated to that there are very few nods but that they are subtle. There will be familiar phrases in dialogue, but it was important for the actors and Victoria that she tries to be as new as possible. There are a few moments in this season where they touch, but it’s more in the ideas than in any specific narrative or character connections.
Macy told Vanity Fair that future seasons will continue to adapt horror books, calling the first two installments “a literary mix.”

The new season would probably premiere in October.

It’s difficult to predict when a new episode of the series will premiere without a greenlight and plans for a third. Despite being two years apart, The Haunting of Hill House, as well as The Haunting of Bly Manor both, debuted in October. This means that The Haunting of [fill out the blank] could debut in October 2022. Flanagan’s recent comments have pushed this release date back significantly.

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