Anna Castillo and Raul Arevalo join the cast of the new adventure of Los Croods in this second part of the successful 2013 film. Now the prehistoric family are running into another family.

Forced to leave in search of a new place to live, the family ventures out into the world in order to find a safer place to call home. But when they find an idyllic walled paradise that meets all their needs and that they believe has solved all their problems, they find that this place hides a surprise: there is another family that already lives there, the Masmejor. A family made up of Hope and Phil and their daughter Alba, the same age as Eep. The Masmejor are a step more developed than the rudimentary family, something that will cause the occasional altercation between the cavemen protagonists and the refined hosts.

Arévalo and Castillo have taken the opportunity to remember some of the families that they most remember from fiction, both in series and in movies. Do you agree with your choice? And you, which would you choose?