This December 23 you can bring out your wildest side because Los Croods: A New Era , Dreamworks Animation’s sequel to Los Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure , directed by Joel Crawford . And, on this occasion, the popular cave family will meet the Masmejor , humans more evolved than them. Raúl Arévalo and Anna Castillo are the voices of Phil and Alba Masmejor , father and daughter of this clan, and at SensaCine we have had the opportunity to speak with them .

For both Arévalo and Castillo this has been their first experience in animation dubbing and they have very much enjoyed being the voice of the characters that in the original version are played by Peter Dinklage and Kelly Marie Tran . Castillo thinks that the most complicated thing about dubbing is the change of language and the search for that expression that adapts to the gestures and tone of the original version, something that Arévalo corroborates. But, to achieve his character and that air of superiority, the actor affirms that he has had to distance himself from the voice of the Game of Thrones actor .

Castillo is very clear about his favorite moment of the shoot. “ Being drunk. I love it, I had a lot of fun because it was also the only moment that I could break my voice and make something like tighter. I think it was what came out the best for me ”, says the actress of La Llamada . For his part, Arévalo highlights the scene that takes place in a sauna, a moment he really enjoyed because of the game that was generated with the dubbing director. “We were trying to get between the two of us to adapt the voice well to the sequence, which seemed very easy but had its own thing ”, explains the actor.

The film has multiple messages such as sisterhood, family unity or the protection of nature . However, both interpreters are clear that what stands out the most is the feminism that is perceived throughout the film. “ I prefer the well-told feminism that this film has. I like it a lot because it is a feminism of new generations and that is very good, ”Castillo emphasizes.

Remember that from December 23rd you have a date at the cinema with the Crood family and their new adventure in which, looking for a safer place to take refuge, they will discover an idyllic paradise where the Masmejor reside. Not to be missed!

On these lines, take a look at our full interview with Castillo and Arévalo, and then the trailer for the film.