The Circle season 3 arrived in our lives on April 14th, and it’s now leaving us less than a month later. You can now see the final season and discover the identity of the new champion.

The remaining players were:

River, also known as Lee, cat-fishing in his 20s as a queer-free spirit
Trevor, also known as Deleesa cat-fishing with her IRL husband



Joe (aka Jack and Lisa) cat-fishes as a middle-aged gay man.

The strategy was the theme of this season. This round of players was very well-informed about the competition among influencers from the beginning. Some of them entered the game as catfish. This was not a shady approach to entering this competition.

You might have seen the finale and know exactly who is laughing madly and throwing large amounts of cash around their bedroom. You might be wondering when this show will return. We don’t mind seeing other people in tiny apartments trying to outdo each other in an internet popularity contest.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at season 3.

Has the show been renewed for a third season?

Yes! The Circle was so popular after season 1, Netflix renewed it for 2 more seasons in March 2020. This is right, Netflix was a popular show about social isolation before the pandemic.

“It’s been amazing to see Netflix members respond to the raw and authentic stories of real folks and real stakes,” stated Brandon Riegg (Nickelodeon Vice President of Comedy Specials and Nonfiction Series). The streamer renewed The Circle and Love Is Blind and Rhythm + Flow. It also commissioned Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. We are proud to have created a show that is loved by everyone, and we were thrilled that all the series were embraced with such passion and enthusiasm. We are excited to bring more joy to our members.

When can we anticipate it?

The Circle season 3 has yet to be released, but Martin Holmes tweeted in November 2020 that The Circle had reportedly already filmed seasons 2, and 3.
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Season 3 could be much earlier than 2022, which means

What new twists is the show getting in season 3?

Season 2 brought us many surprises. Two catfishes, Jack & Lisa, were kicked out of the show, but they didn’t go home. They were instead given a new character. John, their character, was selected as a finalist. This model proved to be quite successful.
Season 2 featured more competitions and interactive activities, which meant that players were less bored and had more time to play. Season 3 is sure to have more interesting twists and added elements. Do you get it? Netflix must have figured out by now that The Circle enthusiasts are people who love a good plot twist. That’s what keeps a video game interesting!

How do you apply?

It is very simple to apply for membership in The Circle. Simply go to Select your country of residence (USA or UK are options), then fill out the basic information and answer some questions about you, including your social media presence, interests, and why this show is right for you. It could be that I am speaking from personal experience. It’s not difficult. Get your chance at the $100K!