The Boys became a hit for Amazon when its next season dropped on the Prime Video platform in the summer of our discontent (a.k.a. summer 2020). The R-rated superhero satire from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke still holds the name to get most-watched global launching from any Amazon first string, it gave Netflix a competition by breaking into Nielsen’s top 10 streaming evaluations graph for the first time, and its prevalence gave way to a spin-off series to further explore this universe of corrupt, out-of-control supes. So, where does the show go from here? Towards more mayhem, of course.

Release Date Of The Boys Season 3

The good thing is that amid all the COVID-19 flaws, The Boys is scheduled to resume filming in early 2021. This would likely mean that if all goes according to plan (don’t get your hopes up!) That Season Three of The Boys could air as early as late 2021.

The Boys Season 3 Cast

  • Antony Starr playing the role of John/Homelander.
  • Dominique McElligott playing the role of Maggie Shaw/Queen Maeve.
  • Jessie T. Usher playing the role of Reggie Franklin/A-Train.
  • Tomer Capon playing the role of Serge/Frenchie
  • Karen Fukuhara playing the role of Kimiko Miyashiro/The Female.
  • The fanbase was waiting for the approaching season of The Boys. The early release is expected by the makers because many months the year was postponed because of the Corona pandemic around the world. Hoping for its early screening.

The Boys Season 3 Story

The Boy’s Season 2 left plenty of plot threads in season 3 to tug at its leisure. At this point in the series, every main character has their baggage to sort through, however, there are some especially pressing matters which may end up drawing the Boys back together. There is congresswoman Vic Neuman, who is secretly the mystical, super-powered assassin accountable for all of the exploding heads in season two, and for whom the unwitting Hughie is currently working. There is also the coming of the powerful Soldier Boy — that, as Eric Kripke has shown on Twitter, will be a threatening presence for the unbalanced Homelander.

Most significantly, Kripke’s official Twitter account has shown that the title of the first episode of season 3 is”Payback,” which is the title of this second-biggest Vought-sponsored superhero team at the source material. The comic’ version of the group includes Stormfront and Soldier Boy, along with the Batman-Iron Man hybrid Tek-Knight, which has long been a personality lover are hoping to see in The Boys. While it’s too early to tell if the title means that the series plans to present a version of the team, it is worth noting the events of season 2 left Seven quite broken-up and down on their luck, therefore it might make sense for Vought to turn the spotlight on another team for a little while.

The Boys Season 3 Trailer

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