After making fifty short and medium-length films ensuring laughter from cinemas around the world, Charles Chaplin found it appropriate to lengthen one of his stories to exceed 60 minutes. 100 years later, that decision continues to make us happy.

A Contracorriente Films has prepared the best possible tribute for ‘ El chico ‘, the first of the great films by a Chaplin that could be seen for the first time on February 6, 1921 and which, on February 6, 2021, can be enjoyed new on the big screen in a flawless restored 4K version.

” Six rolls of joy “, announced the posters that in those 1920s warned about the then elongated footage with which Chaplin would make his audience enjoy. For those awakened, the plot is one that introduces us to a homeless man who finds a child in an alley in the slums of a big city. Together they will become an insurmountable couple, especially when they find a way to improve their finances by working side by side, and stone to crystal. A social service agency will try to separate them by all possible legal means, but, well, we better get back to enjoying what happens when we return to the room and can cry in the dark.