The Blacklist Season 8

Jon Bokenkamp is the man behind NBC’s original programming. The Blacklist After season 8, will be leaving the series. It premiered in 2013 and has been running since then. The Blacklist stars James Spader Raymond Reddington is the main character. Raymond Reddington, a former U.S. Navy officer who became a notorious criminal, voluntarily surrendered to the FBI after decades of evading capture. Raymond informs the FBI that he is willing to share information about the most dangerous criminals around the world in exchange for immunity. Raymond also insists on working with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) as an FBI profiler.

Boone will be leaving the series. Boone made her final appearance as a regular cast member during the season 8 finale. She thanked fans for their positive experience working on the popular drama. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to follow Keen’s story since The Blacklist began. Since then, it has been revealed that Boone released her own production company and signed a first-look agreement with Sony Pictures Television. The departure of the show’s creator will be a major concern for viewers as they prepare for The Blacklist Season 9.

Bokenkamp will be leaving The Blacklist. The exit was planned for some time. John Eisendrath will take over as the sole showrunner. Eisendrath was previously the co-showrunner with Bokenkamp from the start of the series. Recently, the duo co-wrote season 8’s finale together. Bokenkamp, for his part, posted a letter about his decision to quit The Blacklist. You can read it below.

Some viewers may find the news of Bokenkamp’s departure and Boone’s passing difficult to accept. The Blacklist has witnessed many characters leave and come back over the years. The show’s creator and co-lead will be missed, but the loss of Liz will likely echo differently. Liz was shot to the back of her head and killed in her last appearance. This major development may allow the long-running NBC series of The Liz Show to move in new directions but it could also feel like a natural stoppage point for some.

It remains to be determined how. The Blacklist returns in season 9 It is. However, there are some encouraging signs. supernatural example, Survivors survived long after Eric Kripke, the series creator, left. Many viewers felt that Kripke should have left the show after season 5. Many others enjoyed the series for another ten years. Eisendrath is a long-standing partner. The Blacklist It seems that the drama will continue to have a familiar quality from its infancy.