We know that Megan Boone is poised to depart The Blacklist as a series regular following the events of the season 8 finale. What is a bit more of a mystery, meanwhile, is whether Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington will part on good terms.

For the better part of this year, Boone’s character has desired more or less nothing to do with Reddington. She has tried to kill him! How can you walk some of that back? You might not be able to.

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When there’s a reason at all to hope Liz and Reddington end this year on better terms, it is the two who are walking towards Agnes from the voucher collectively. If Liz did not need Reddington around, wouldn’t she run another way from him? We’re not sure we can say at that moment that everything is repaired for the two of these, but maybe she knows him better after hearing a lot of the truth. (It’s possible now that she knows who he is, something that has been a puzzle for the entirety of this series.)

On the reverse side of this, though, you could argue that there could be more trouble for Liz and Reddington beyond this fast little scene between Agnes. Liz must leave the show, and she decides to operate as far away from James Spader’s character as you can! Personally, though, we are hoping that he will help to get her hiding until he can be certain the world is safe for her. Even though Townsend has been gone, there is a burn watch out on her and some other problems.

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